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No description

Isaac Neal

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of M&M's

M&M's facts and stats 1940-1945 1945-1950 1950-1955 1955-1960 1941-M&M's were introduced to American soldiers in World War Two. 1948- The package changes from a tube to a brown bag that it is today.
1950- The first "M" is imprinted in black on the candies.
1954- M&M's Peanut chocolate candies are introduced along with the tag line: "Melts in your mouth not in your hands." And the M&M's characters make their television debut. Nothing of major importance happened with M&M's. Timeline of M&M's 1960-1965 1960-M&M's peanut candies get new colors- Red, Yellow, Green. 1965-1970 Nothing of major importance happened with M&M's. 1970-1975 Nothing of major importance happened with M&M's. 1975-1980 1976-The orange colored M&M is debuted. 1980-1985 1980-M&M's are introduced to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.
1982- M&M's go into space and have been part of shuttle missions ever since.
1984- M&M's are the official snack food of the 1984 Olympics in L.A. 1985-1990 Nothing of major importance happened with M&M's. 1990-1995 Nothing of major importance happened with M&M's. 1995-2000 1995- Over 10 million people want to add blue as new M&M.
1996- M&M's Minis are introduced along with Colorworks allowing people to create their own M&M mixes in 21 different colors.
1997- Green makes its television debut and M&M's world in Las Vegas opens
1998- M&M's are the official candy of the new millennium.
1999-M&M's Crispy candies are debuted as well as there spokesperson Crispy who is obsessed with his own crispiness. 2000-2005 2002- M&M's lovers vote online in the global color vote to pick a new color. The winner is purple.
2004- www.mymms.com allows people to customize their own M&M's out of 17 colors to chose from 2005-2010 2005- After running the Mpire promotion to go with Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith movie, M&M's are offered in a dark variety for the first time.
2007- M&M's shows Lady Liberty's fun side with a 50 ft. statue in NYC Harbor encouraging americans to create their own M&M's. 2010-2015 2010- The orange M&M's now has a pretzel inside of it.
2012- Ms.Brown is debuted during the Superbowl. The long time Chief Chocolate Officer and Original milk chocolate joins the spotlight after staying behind the set since 1941. Dark chocolate vs Almond Dark chocolate vs Almond
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