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Owen Meany

No description

Ashlee Clark

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Owen Meany

A coming of age novel, or not a coming of age novel, that is the question. A Prayer for Owen Meany 'A Prayer for Owen Meany' is a coming of age novel because Owen, John and Hester are each characters who grow, learn, mature and are shaped by events throughout the novel. Thesis Statement At the beginning of the novel, Owen was a shy child who didn't even want a speaking part in the church play because he feared that the audience would make fun of him. Others were slightly uncomfortable around him. He clung to John and John's family for security, normalcy, and companionship. During the book, however, he grows so much that he starts speaking out through 'THE VOICE' and making statements about injustice at his school. He even learns to live without John when he joins the army. He becomes his own person. He learns how to make others fall in love with him by changing from a lowly Meany, to a determined and confident man. Owen Meany The events of the novel definitely shaped John. Due to the fact that he lost his mother and Owen, he never had any other real connections with anyone else. He never got married, he didn't have any kids and Owen was his only close friend. John had to learn how to deal with things by himself. In the beginning he had his mother, his grandmother, and Owen. By the end of the book, every one of them was gone.
As the book progressed, we also witnessed John's belief in God bloom. Things that Owen said and showed John made him positive that there was a God.
We watched John and Owen's friendship flourish. John Wheelwright Hester was a really unhappy child. She felt like her brother's outshone her in every aspect of life and that her parents favored her siblings. She didn't have a good relationship with anyone in her family.
By the end of the novel, she'd developed into someone who had this amazing career and had finally outdone her brothers at something. She also learned how to have feelings for someone when she fell in love with Owen. Hester The fact that Owen, John and Hester grow, mature and are shaped by events during the book proves that 'A Prayer for Owen Meany' is a coming of age novel. Conclusion A coming of age novel is one where the characters are initiated into adulthood during the course of the book. In a sense they lose their innocence and have to mature because of things they experience or knowledge they gain. What is a coming of age story?
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