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Serving God Through Christian Marriage

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Chito Caliguiran

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Serving God Through Christian Marriage

Marriage Enrichment Retreat-1
Talk # 1

Talk # 1
Serving God Through Christian Marriage
C. What God wants of us is a solid, strong
home and family.
D. Conclusion
1. Being a "light to the world".
2. No fragmented type of Christian living.
1. The family is God's plan
for the human race.
2. The family is the basic unit of the Church.
3. Successful family life administration is considered an essential qualification for serving in the Church.
3. Our personal relationship in the family are lived out according to Christian values and ways.
4. Children are being raised to know, love and serve God.
5. Our home and family become a source of blessing, enrichment and strength for others.
6. Our home is the base from which we do our evangelistic work.
1. The Lord's ideal for marriage is a lofty one.

2. The Lord calls us to rededicate our marriages,
our homes and our families to Him.

3. This weekend, open yourselves up to the
power of the Holy Spirit, so that you may
receive what you need for your marriage.
1. Christian marriage is God's plan.
2. Our vocation as Christians is to know, love and serve God.
We can begin to serve God through our marriage by beginning to understand His plan and how we fit in that plan
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