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MLA Format

MLA Format

Mallory Kirkland

on 20 August 2012

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Transcript of MLA Format

Writing Requirements Format Purpose Last... Barriers -Intro
-Conclusion -Quotes
-Correct Format
-Works Cited
Documentation Format MLA -12 point font
-Times New Roman
-Double Spaced
First Last
Course and Period
Date Create uniformity in
papers Publishing Information Where did you find the quote? When was this published? Who wrote this quote? 2013 2011 Parenthetical
Documentation Works Cited ! *Citation
*ABC Order by
Author's last name
*Purpose? *Within text
*Purpose? First Step:
Thesis *Not reading the main text
*Not meeting the checkpoints
*Not keeping track of quotes and sources
*Not following MLA format
*Not using time wisely Good Luck! ©When quoting any words
that are not your own. If
you copy without quotes, it
is plagiarism!
°Quoting means to repeat
another source word for
word, using quotation
marks © When summarizing facts and ideas
from a source, you should cite the
° Summarizing means to take ideas from
a large passage of another source and
condense them, using your own words
© Cite the source when
paraphrasing a source
° Paraphrasing means to use the ideas
from another source but change the
phrasing into your own words © Use the author’s last
name and the page number
© If possible, work the
author’s name into
the sentence, then use
only the page
number Topic Sentence
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