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Paul's 2nd missionary journey

Pauls second missionary journey

Travis Clemons

on 21 December 2013

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Transcript of Paul's 2nd missionary journey

Paul's Second Missionary Trip
AD 49-51
A few months after completing their 1st journey, Paul and Barnabas decide to visit the churches again, but disagree about who should go with them. Paul doesn't want to take John Mark because he left them on their first trip. So they split up. Barnabas takes John Mark to Cyprus. Paul takes Silas with him to Derbe.
While visiting these churches, Timothy joins Paul and Silas
While in this seaport, Paul has a vision of a man from Macedonia calling him to come help them. Luke has also joined the group.
When a fortune-telling slave girl is healed and converted, her owners start a riot. Paul and Silas are beaten and thrown in jail. In the middle of the night, as they are singing, there is an earthquake and their chains fall off. The jailer and his household believe and are saved. When the magistrate discovers that Paul and Silas are Roman citizens, he apologizes and asks them to leave town.
Jews in Thessalonica try to have Paul and Silas arrested after they gain many converts. Believing that they are staying here, the Jews raid Jason's house and arrest him, but later let him go. Paul and Silas escape by night.
The people in the synagogue receive the message eagerly, both Jews and Greeks.
Paul sees an altar to an unknown god and preaches to the philosophers of Athens about this unknown God. Some scoff, but a small number believe.
Paul meets some tent makers, Aquila and Priscilla, who join him. He stays here for 18 months and writes
1 and 2 Thessalonians about a month or so apart.
Aquila and Priscilla stay in Ephesus.
Paul visits the churches in Caesarea, and likely in Jerusalem, and then heads back home to Antioch.
Pisidian Antioch
Acts 15:36 - 18:22
Lydia, a wealthy businesswoman, is converted in the Macedonian city of Philippi and the group stays in her house.
When the Jews in Thessalonica heard about this, they came to Berea and stirred up the people. Paul goes on ahead, but Silas and Timothy stay in Berea.
Paul intended to merely pass through Galatia, but was hindered by illness. Because of the kindness and care shown to him by these people, Paul held them in tender and sympathetic regard. However, in his absence, they would be led away by Judaizing teachers.
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