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2010 Drake Internationalization Strategic Plan

No description

Kirk Martin

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of 2010 Drake Internationalization Strategic Plan

2010 Drake Internationalization Strategic Plan
Indicators of Success Taskforce ('12-'13) / Assessment Committee ('13-'14)



Student Life and Drake International Retreat
GAUDIT Task Force

Strategic Partnership Initiative --> Strategic Partnership Planning Proposal

Travel Seminar Policy Task Force

Vice Provost of
International Progams
Collaboraton with Dean's Council

Working with individual units towards internationalization

Overseeing faculty and staff initiatives

Reaching out to external partners and constituents

Facilitating partnership planning

Fostering Cross-Cultural Engagement in Des Moines
Internationalization & Global Engagement Strategic Plan
Vision 2020
Goals of Vision 2020
Promotes internal planning and implementation

Promotes communication and collaboration with external partners and stakeholders

• Developing Global Talent
• Facilitating Connections Around the World
• Enhancing Visibility for Drake and Des Moines
• Fostering Intercultural Engagement

2013-2017 Drake University Strategic Plan
Infuse global and multicultural understanding throughout Drake University
Strengthen relationships between Drake, the city of Des Moines and other external partners to create opportunities that both serve the community and advance the mission of the University locally, regionally and globally.

Communication with internal partners
Academic Affairs Council

Dean's Council

Followup with GAUDIT Faculty Participants

Faculty Senate


March GIIT/GIPAC retreat brainstorming and follow up

GIPAC meetings

August/September GIIT/GIPAC Retreat

Facilitating Connections Around the World
Enhancing Visibility for Drake and Des Moines
Developing Global Talent
Drake: Global Knowledge Hub
GIIT Assessment Groups
International Advisory Council (IAC)
By opening up to external partners and constituents:

1. Promote and conduct visioning

2. Promote visibility of Drake International and the internationalization process

3. Promote external relationships

Communication with other external stakeholders
IAC members


Community partners


Communication and Visioning
Visioning and Task Completion
Top 3-4 findings/recommendations
Drake International Staff
Optimized Faculty Development Grant Funds and Application Processes

Development and implementation of Strategic Partnership Planning Process

Support for development and implementation of travel seminars

Addition of student scholarships for study abroad

Development of Global Service Learning opportunities

Assist in development of athletics travel programs
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