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Walt Disney World Informative Speech

No description

Brittany Elliott

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Walt Disney World Informative Speech

Walt Disney World Informative Speech
By: Brittany Elliott

The Most Magical Place on Earth
The Man who Started it all
Full Name: Walter Elias "Walt" Disney
Founder of theme park(s) Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida
With his amazing artist talent he was able to expand his park to Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong
Where Dreams Come True
All the magic happens at Walt Disney World; a place where not only kids get to be kids, but adults too.
Did You Know?
Dumbo is the tallest attraction at Walt Disney World and people throw loved ones ashes off the side
Location: Orlando, FL
Opening Day: October 1st, 1971
On opening day admission was $3.50
Fun Fact: Walt Disney World is the size of San Francisco or two Manhattans
Walt Disney
To keep people from getting dehyradted in the hot Florida sun they give out water
Most Disney Cast members can tell you where the restroom is in 14 different languages
The phrase "where dreams come true." Is not just a saying it becomes reality at Disney

Any Questions?
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