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South Korea Economy Presentation

No description

Wince Leung

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of South Korea Economy Presentation

Korean Economy
Ju Hyun Lee, Mayu Shigematsu, and Wince Leung
GDP :1960s - Present
GNP: 1970s - Present
Labor intensive manufactured exports
autos and semiconductors

Investments in public projects
roads and telecommunications
farm mechanization

Why the Economic Growth?
1960s - Outward Looking Strategy (industrialization/ Central Government)

1980s - Monetary Policy & Fiscal Measures

2000s - Market Orientation Model
Strategies for Growth
Korean Technology
South Korea
North America
Internet (5G)
Research & Innovation
Access to technology
Internet (4G)
Slower in Commercial research
Higher barrier to access to technology (monetary)
Major Industries in Korea
Kpop, Kdramas, Esports
Medical and Cosmetic
Military Armaments
Challenges Faced by Korea
Interest Rates

Employment Rates

Natural Resources

Labor threats from China, Bangladesh, Vietnam

Income disparity (gap between rich and poor)
Recommendations for Korea
Maintain or lower interest rates

Increase support for small/medium or local businesses
Grants, tax breaks or reductions

Maintain or increase supplier relationships for natural resources

Focus on research and innovation
patents, high skill level workers
Thank you

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