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EduTech 2013

A view of my EduTech Conference, Brisbane, June 3-4, 2013.


on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of EduTech 2013

EDUTech 2013
We have to do it differently
Or are we just using the computer as a
"$1,000 pencil"?
We have computers
"...Maths and science results have plateaued over the last 20 years... which coincides with the introduction of computers"
Alan November - Keynote Speaker
EduTech Conference June 4th 2013
Our Curriculum is full of content that can be Googled
Googleable content is "fixed knowledge", unchanging.
Googleable content only requires lower order thinking.

This might have been a successful strategy in an industrial education system, but we are in a post-industrial world.
All EduTech speakers asked:
How can we change our pedagogy
to meet
the challenges of the next decade?
How can we challenge our students to take charge of their own learning?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt:
"There are lots of ways to move forward, but only one to stand still."
Kynan Robinson - Keynote Speaker
EduTech Conference - 4th June 2013

Education is
about information transferal.
Modern learning is different - the students are different,
the way we connect is different.

"Young people love stories... and we work our socks off to make sure that... [when they leave us]... they have a great story to tell."
"[Good stories]... can help students become problem solvers,
but it is more important for them to be problem finders."
"Is the story... [a student tells]...
NOT googleable?
Ewan McIntosh - Keynote speaker
Edutech Conference 2013 June 3rd
We need to develop more
Not goggleable
Paolo Freire: "...teachers who just teach fixed knowledge teach a fixed view of the world."
Not googleable questions need to have more questions asked to successfully answer the original question:
Not googleable questions encourage creative thinking.
Not googleable questions encourage students to think about their world.
Not googleable knowledge demands responses using higher order thinking and prompts thinking on policy, ethics and morality.
Is our pedagogy right for this technology?
Has our pedagogy changed
to meet this difference?
Questions asked were the obvious:
Where have we been?

What have we done?

Where are we going?
Stephen Heppel asked:
What do we do in the 21st century
classroom to engage students in active learning?
How can we encourage our students to take greater control of their own learning?
Heppel defined "active learning" as
not just hands on, but students taking control of their own classroom and what happens inside it.
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