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the lyre

No description

kiara walsh

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of the lyre

The Lyre was played either alone or as an accompaniment to singing or lyric poetry. Like this girl is doing by playing it herself.
They often use a crossbar or a fixed tailpiece. Usually made out of wood, ivory, or metal.
The Lyre
The bull-lyres are the most famous in Mesopotamia. The difference between a Lyre and a Harp is that the Lyre has two arms rising from the body.
The majority of musicians who played the lyre were male, but some females played the lyre.
By: kiara
The instrument is frequently depicted in all forms of greek art.
The Lyre is also know in Greece.
The Lyre is made from Gold, wood, and string, in this case.
Played sitting or standing, the instrument was held in the hand and sometimes supported with a carrying strap worn over the shoulder of the player.
The instrument is one of the three original lyres found in 1929. It is approximately 4,550 years old.
How to use it
Who played it
Who made it
In 1929,Leonard Wolley discovered the lyre.
why the lyre is unique
The lyre is unique because it is very important since the ancient time. It is a most unique and unusual instrument.
As you can tell, the lyre is a very old instrument. I hope you liked this presentation.
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