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Perrier: The marketing plan

No description

Tamara Danielyan

on 10 November 2018

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Transcript of Perrier: The marketing plan

Thank you for attention!
Danaelle DAVID
Group 23
The Strategic Marketing Plan
1. Situation analysis
2. Brand vision
3. Global objectives
4. Strategic plan
5. Marketing plan
6. Action timeline
Situation analysis
Market and consumer trends
Market shares
Perrier has the biggest market share in plain sparkling waters in 2009
Market share in value is performing sharper growth than in volume
The reason ?
The penetration rate is the
among competitors while average weight of purchase is

Perrier Fines Bulles
Limited edition
shape, colour and design suit the brand image ideally
Current performance
Situation analysis
Situation analysis
Situation analysis
Situation analysis
Situation analysis
Consumer consumption
Situation analysis
average weight of purchase
in 2009
Hypermarkets and supermarkets are leading distribution channels in the retail sector
Flavored bottled water remains a niche market
Focus on health, natural benefits, environmental issues
high price
low price
Internationally known

One of a kind bottle : famous, sophisticated & very recognisable design

Very strong communication identity

Available in different point of sales all over the world and restaurants in 140 country
Price higher than other sparkling water

Target audience limited

Shocking ads : some were censored

Flavoured water market is growing

The brand can develop still water to target other consumers
A strong competition

Raise in tap water preference
France's counter-terrorism strategy is recognized as being one of the most effective in Europe
unemployment rate - 10.2% (January 2014)
64% of people aged 15 to 64 in France have a paid job
R&D expenditure at around 2.1% of GDP during 2000–09.
The world's highest level of payroll taxes
life expectancy at birth in France is 82 years
71% of adults aged 25-64 have earned the equivalent of a high-school degree
81% of people say they are satisfied with the quality of their water, below the OECD average of 84%
The level of atmospheric PM10 is 13 micrograms per cubic meter, considerably lower than the OECD average of 21 micrograms per cubic meter
Ease of doing business index 2012: 35
Exports: 27% of GDP (2012)
Imports: 29% of GDP (2012)
Corruption is perceived to be widespread in French politics, and could affect good governance and political stability in the country.
The low approval ratings of the president are making the implementation of reforms much more difficult.
Future risk: concentration of power in few hands
Human development Index: 14th among 169 countries
R&D strengths are in the areas of space science, microelectronics, and energy research.
France has a favourable innovation climate, which is reflected in the large number of patents it generates. It ranks fourth in the world in terms of the number of patents granted for its innovations.
Research and higher education are among the top priorities of the present government
Although the economy is being liberalized, there are deterrents in the form of a lack of fiscal freedom, investment freedom, and freedom from government intervention.
As a member of the EU, France provides a reasonably hospitable climate for foreign investment.
The labor market suffers from structural problems, such as the presence of a large number of restrictive laws in the official labor code, excessive levels of wage regulation, and high social security costs for employers.
France is less enthusiastic about free markets than other EU countries.
The number of people buying Perrier at least once a year is growing while the frequency of buying is getting lower. Besides, the average weight of purchase is lower than competitors'.
Marketing strategy
Brand vision
Brands portfolio
Marketing strategy
Marketing strategy
Global Objectives
Marketing strategy
Strategic plan
Marketing strategy
Action timeline
Portfolio analysis
Marketing strategy
Realtive Market Share
Market Gtowth Rate
unflavoured sparkling water
flavoured sparkling water
existing products
new products
existing markets
new markets
Market Penetration strategy
Market Development strategy
Diversification strategy
Product Development strategy
Takashi Murakami - Spring limited edition packaging
Perrier tennis double amateur week-end tournament
High-end event, targetting 20-40 years old
Winning team : 2 VIPs "Parisian Dream" tickets to Roland Garros finale (men or women)
Second : 2VIPs "The player" pack to Roland Garros finale (men or women)
Launch of the Perrier -Roland Garros online game
to win : 2 places for the final (men), 2 places for the final (women), Perrier goodies
self image
glass bottle
sparkling water - bubbles
green colour
logo with bubbles
social distinction
cultural distinction
personal and professional success
positive person
actor of his own life
sophisticated, advanced and informative
"sports person"

positive dynamic and young culture
"American dream"
bourgeois values
During the whole summer
Perrier shaped beach shower cabin
Limited edition green tea Perrier
Pop-up stores : Perrier cocktail bars
You can find them with Perrier app

belongs to an elite, superiour social group
1st Perrier annual tennis tournament
Raising money for underpriviledged children
Young players from 10-15
Guest stars : famous tennis players
The Perrier "Sparkling New Year" contest
Competition open to all
Different designs compete to do a limited edition bottle for New Year's eve
6 weeks competition: each week a new step
1st week :each contestant post a video telling a story about the concept
2nd week : pictures...and so on till the final week.
Through the whole process people vote using social media
new distribution channels
more active communication activities oriented to young people
new flavours / seasonal flavours
1 billion bottles sold per year
3,200,000 per day
around 50 bottles per second
Turnover: 407 millions €
Market share in France : 25 % of sparkling water
International presence: 140 countries
Importation: 50 % of the production
Roland Garros
Beginning of Roland Garros
15 of december : New Year's eve limited edition bottle
Launch of Perrier customization website "Oh My Perrier"
possibility to add some features (colors, pictures, names) and even to make a vintage bottle by choosing Perrier old design
post pictures of your bottle and you on the website
During the whole summer
Perrier shaped beach shower cabin
Limited edition green tea Perrier
Pop-up stores : Perrier cocktail bars
You can find them with Perrier app

15 of november : end of the Perrier "Sparkling New Year" contest

Beginning of the bottle production
Preparation of the spring limited edition bottle
Main objective : increase sales by 3%

Develop flavoured Perrier
Increase Menthe Perrier sales by 10%
Develop a seasonal Perrier

Develop customer loyalty
Increase the frequency of buying by 5%
Increase the weight of purchase of "Eau de Perrier" by 5%

Create an exclusive cocktail with baristas that includes "Perrier Menthe" the goal is to make an iconic refreshing summer cocktail - with and without alcohol
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