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DARE Bizstart 2013 - Growth Hacking Intro - Ben Levy

Intro to Growth Hacking by BootstrapLabs / BootstrapAccelerator Partner during DARE Bizstart 2013 in Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Ben Levy

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of DARE Bizstart 2013 - Growth Hacking Intro - Ben Levy

Introduction to Growth Hacking
Who is crushing it out there?
Best Practices & Famous Examples
Silicon Valley Accelerator
Core Focus
Local Accelerator
Software Powered Innovation
Sponsored Verticals
Big Data
Global Accelerator for Global Entrepreneurs
40+ countries
1,000+ referrals
200 jobs created
$25M Follow-on funding
6 + 6 months acceleration program in key regional hubs tailored for local entrepreneurs
w/ Regional Potential
6 + 6 months acceleration program in the heart of Silicon Valley tailored for foreign entrepreneurs
w/Global Potential
French, Swiss and soon American, married, two boys 5 & 3 yo

16yr in finance, technology and start-ups, 15yr in Silicon Valley, co-founder, founding team, employee

Raised $300M of Private Equity, advised on $3Bn worth of M&A deals, sold two early stage companies, crashed one
Partner @ BootstrapLabs
November 22, 2013 - CyberJaya, Malaysia
Because I hacked their respective decks from Slideshare to make this presentation in a fraction of the time it would have taken me otherwise... :)
Hacker Rule: "it's ok to copy another successful hacker but always give him credit"
Thank you!
A Familiar Story....
Growth Hacking Framework
How Quora does it?
How to run an Experiment
Tactics & Tools
*Dropbox is worth $8Bn today
What is Growth Hacking?
Top 10 App Download Hacks
Hacks to grow your site traffic
First things first!
Facebook Aha
1 user invites
7 friends in 10 days
#3DARE / @Dare_Bizstart
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