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Male friendship in Elizabethan England

No description

Kristy Tong

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Male friendship in Elizabethan England

The Nature of Male friendship in Elizabethan England
In Elizabethan England, male friendships were considered as the best friendship because of they were legally superior in the past. Males couldn't be friends with females because females were thought little of. :(
Male friendship in Elizabethan England
were very intimate. Males would hug, walk arm-in-arm and even kiss in public places without having people question their sexuality at all. A kiss on the mouth was considered a simple greeting.

The Male friendship in Elizabethan England
is much different than male friendship nowadays. In fact, most acts of Male friendship in Elizabethan England
would be frowned upon if they were still practiced today.

By Megan, Kristy, Amy & Gabie
In the Merchant of Venice, many current readers would think that Antonio and Bassanio were homosexuals because of their care for each other, however, what they were displaying was no more than a simple platonic friendship.
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