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Mobile Learning at RVCC - NJ Edge

No description

Melanie Morris

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Learning at RVCC - NJ Edge

Who: Students enrolled in
the Health and Medical Science

Why: Mobile technology in
concert with curriculum changes
were utilized to challenge
students and to address
limitations in class time
Bringing the Lab Manual into the 21st Century
The Pocket-Sized
Lab Manual
Microscopic Observations
Qualitative Results
Be Creative!!

Current lab manauls are static, rigid
references that often resemble a cook-

Using a course wiki and iPod Touch
devices the student became an active
participant in writing and documenting the
laboratory experience.

Derek Weber
Melanie Morris
Chuck Chulvick

Mobile Learning
in the Classroom

Mobile Learning
in the Sciences

Don't forget the apps!
iPhone app from Perceptive Development.
Simple method of measuring microscopic distances.
provides information for life scientists, including quick access to molecular biology calculators, technical tips, protocols, and multimedia presentations.
application for viewing three-dimensional renderings of
molecules and manipulating them using your fingers.
3D Cells
Lab Timer
Gene database
Genetic Code
Glycolysis quizillator
Mobile Learning
in Legal Studies

Legal Research
Investigating the
Semester Case
Yes, because it helps people understand material and helps the teacher gauge where the students are at in understanding the material
I would only recommend this to classes whose professors know how to use it to their benefit.
Yes, I think it is a fun and INTERACTIVE way to learn. It is definitely a great aid in facilitating learning.
Yes, sure. It gives you another learning tool - while professor is demonstrating on the board. It gives you access to the information in real time - anywhere and everywhere. It helps others who aren't familiar with technology - a good exposure to what can be done with such a unique small device!
Yes, the iTouch is an added tool that not only improves learning but also makes the student more technologically able in the job market.
For any research dependent class the touch is really cool. It can be a huge distraction, tho!
"Just-in-time Teaching"
5% of law-firms
iPhone use
96% of law-firms support iPhone use, and 99% of law-firms support iPad use.
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