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Tomas History of Money

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on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Tomas History of Money

History of Money
4th grade
Ms. Voss
Natural Resources
Metal Coins
Paper Currency
Invisible Money
The needs of making have evolved over time.
Before people used money they traded. Trading is when you exchange things,for example people traded goods and services (cow,camels,corn,chickens).They traded because you could get things that you needed. Bartering was good because it helped to get things that you needed to survive. That is why people created bartering in 900 bc.
In 1200 BC people stopped trading
and started using natural resources as money. The reason that they stopped trading was because sometimes people did`t wanted to trade with what you have. People used shells to use as money. It helped because it was more easy to buy things. People agreed to use natural resources.

1200 BC
People stopped using natural
resources to metal coins because people disagree in the value of natural resources. For example if someone has a big shell and the other has a smaller one they will argue with the value of them. When people started making metal coins they made them with gold, silver and browns. The coins were stamp with gods and the important people faces. Metal coins were better than natural resources because everyone agred that it had the same value because it had the same size.
Know people don`t use natural resources but they use metal coins.
Paper currency was invented after metal coins. They
invented paper currency because it was lighter and
people ran away from metal. People started to print
on paper, the paper had the face of the president to stand for money. Paper currency was better than coins because it was easier to carry so it made life easier. Metal coins changed to paper currency when the coins were not useful any more.
Now a days people use invisible money. Invisible money is money that you can`t see for example
credit cards and online banking. We use invisible money because is harder to steal and easy to carry. The impacts are that invisible money is harder to steal
and is easy to carry. This days we use invisible money.

1000 BC
900 BC
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