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The Collapse of the USSR

Sagar Galani and Daniel Schmidt

Sagar Galani

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of The Collapse of the USSR

Collapse of the USSR Sagar Galani & Daniel Schmidt Causes Event Effects Political Cartoon Impacted western policies immensely Defense spending in countries like the USA decreased.
Because of USSR's loss in power, their former enemies warmed up to them
When the Soviet collapsed, state heads in USSR were trying
to take control of their own country It left many separatist groups eager for independence. Collapse showed how flawed communism was Collapse made west feel more superior Improved relationships between the USA and China Brought peace Resolved matters in the Middle East Communism Flaws Revealed Cartoon represents the USSR as a sinking ship
The life boats are a representation of how
everyone is trying to flee the sinking boat
The reason why there is an SSR on the side of
every boat is a representation of the SSR nations.
Mikhael Sergeyevich Gorbachev becomes Communist Party General Security.
Gorbachev introduces two reforms that
revolutionize the Soviet Union. “Perestroika” meaning restructuring.

“Glasnost”, meaning openness.
Gorbachev Reforms Gorbachev changes the USSR Gorbachev appoints Boris Yeltsin as provincial
party boss as head of the Moscow Communist Party. Gorbachev goes before the Communist Central Committee
and proposes political and economic reforms.

The outside world has acknowledged Gorbachev and his ideas. Gorbachev announces that countries in the Warsaw Pact are free to decide their own future. Yeltsin is forced out his job Communist newspapers publishes a clarion call to resist reforms Thoughts of independence are beginning to stir Gorbachev's attempt to solve crises Velvet Revoultion Gorbachev tries to win support from the Soviet Republics in the Baltic States. Gorbachev's struggle to control USSR Many Soviet Republics declare independence Nightmare economic decisions. Perestroika continues to fail. Yeltsin becomes president. Military Coup
19th of August, 1991 Tanks roll into Moscow. Gorbachev on holiday. Gorbachev refuses Yeltsin organizes resistance Coup collapses on 21st of August Gorbachev resigns Gorbachev faces problems Images:
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Reliability & Usefulness This image is reliable as:
- it comes from a history book used by many schools
- if it wasn't reliable, schools wouldn't permit the book to be made
- if it was biased, then many would've opposed to the distribution of the book in schools.
- This image was made in a book published in 2003, showing how recent is it.
- The date is proof of the picture representing ideas that have been based after many years of research

This image is useful as:
- It shows that the USSR failed as a county and that
the situation was unavoidable
- Shows that the collapse of the USSR was a crisis and
wasn't just a gradual phase
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