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History of the Congo

No description

Adam Clark

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of History of the Congo

History of the Congo

Multimedia Part II
1491- The first Christian missionaries arrive, the king is baptized, and a church is built
Early 1920's- Anti-European religions start to spread
Christianity did not spread very far
Kimbanguism was banned by the Belgians because it was seen as a threat to the colonial regime
Governance By a Different Country
The Belgian Congo was ruled by Belgium from 1908 to 1960
Belgian Congo was established by the Belgian parliament to replace the Congo Free State after it's collapse
International outrage rose over abuses that brought pressure for supervision and accountability
Belgium had a paternal outlook on the Congo, creating a very skewed power dynamic
The Fight for Independence
Began in 1955
A Belgian professor published a "30 year plan" for the emancipation of the Congo
Widespread rioting began in 1959
Rioters clashed with Belgium forces
Belgians left the Congo, allowing them to become Independent
Elections for Independence began in May 1960
The 1960s
The Congo Crisis Occured
Joseph Mobutu seized power with American backing from Lumumba in a "bloodless coup" in 1965
Mobutu corrupted the Congo with his 32 year reign of greed and corruption
Lumumba was very influential through his speeches
Lumumba was kidnapped first in November 1960
Patrice Lumumba was shot in Elizabethville in January 1961
By: Benny Yu, Kaitlin Krause, Alisa Huang, and Adam Clark
The Congo is an area in Central Africa that has gone through many difficulties.

Such difficulties include:
Religious differences
Governance by a different nation
A fight for independence
The Congo in the 1960s
Answer Time!
Multimedia Production
The Congo Region
Country located in the African Great Lakes

Second largest country in Africa

Eleventh largest
country in the world
Population over 75 million

Second highest total Christian population
Patrice Lumumba
July 2, 1925 - January 17,1961
Independence leader
Helped gain independence from Belgium in June 1960
First democratically elected Prime Minister of the Congo
Imprisoned by state authorities under Mobutu
Shot by the firing squad under command of Katangan authorities
Wanted to gain genuine independence which was a threat to western interest
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