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Ernest Callenbach - Ecotopia

No description

Michel Textor

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Ernest Callenbach - Ecotopia

Ernest Callenbach Ecotopia The Notebooks and Reports of William Weston Author - Ernest Callenbach * 3. April 1929 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania
† 16. April 2012 in Berkeley, Kalifornien
American writer
simple living adherent
master degree in English and communication
interested in environmental issues => human
Plot summary The book is set in 1999 (25 years from where it was written)
The new nation of Ecotopia
US- American reporter : William Weston
diary and dispatches of Weston`s journey
the story is not that important , its just for explaining and describing Ecotopia

In the near future, the "Helicopter War" ended with Northern California, Oregon and Washington seceding from the United States and forming their own environmentally sustainable nation called Ecotopia. A hard-bitten New York journalist comes to visit the nation's capital, San Francisco, to report on what has happened in the decades since the nation shut its borders. What he finds is a culture where office buildings have become homes, all transportation is public, women run the government, and African Americans run the prisons.

Living in Ecotopia dispatch - Depesche/ Botschaft Reading impressions medium : newspaper articles --> familiar
storyline --> very flat , no tension
interesting about the book : the whole idea : "Ecotopia"
the book is not about telling a story , but describing an idea through the articles and diary entrys of William Westons journey
the book is motivating to think about our society and maybe whats wrong about it
Ecotopia is the opposite of USA
technical innovations aren't that far away from our modern technology

Ecotopia is not impossible ?! Transport
electronical minivans and taxis
airtraffic is forbidden
train magnetic rail
bikes at free disposal
residential buildings connected by skywalks Energy
alternative energy technologies
liquid waste processing system
waste --> fertilizer
economical wastage Culture
food without sugar
cohabitation in flat shares
inspiration of red indian tradition
legalisation of weed
more fun with less ecological damage
charged school; many projects; free timetable
physical exercises
mock warfare
Politics & Economy
free, democratic and decentralized
basic income for everyone
science and technology aren`t related to economic growth
most important value : sustainability

female president
independant women
unrestricted equality
takeover leading position
"not like a ladylike but very "feminine"

1.) What could be the philosophy of Ecotopia.
Refer to the quotations.

2.) Would you like to live in Ecotopia ? Explain.

3.) Is the realization of an ecotopia-similar state
possible or impossible ? Keyword : "political Utopia"
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