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Max Weber and his Bureaucratic Theory of Management

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Elmona Alsayed Muhumud

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Max Weber and his Bureaucratic Theory of Management

Weber fought with his father and the problem was never resolved.
Two month later.....His father passed away (1897)
He's so depressed.....he got mental breakdown.
5 months after recovery, he goes back to his teaching economy job in University.
Later on he stayed with aunt which is the opposite of his father so he starts to wonder...........

WHY DO PEOPLE OBEY COMMANDS ??????? Mental Breakdown Bureaucratic Theory of Management It's characteristics Goal Who is he? A German sociologist, philosopher, and political economist. It's a management style in which they believe that the organization has a well-defined line of authority. It has clear rules and regulations which are strictly followed.
It's old school because it has a top-down structure of communication where managers give instructions and a feedback is not needed.

According to him, bureaucracy is the most efficient form of organization.
But....we don't think that always work........... Maximizing output whilst minimizing input.

In today's world The Bureaucratic theory still exists but mostly in military, government, or some very big and serious organizations.

This theory doesn't work for normal businesses because Human Resources or people are very complicated and fragile. Max Weber Bureaucratic Theory of Management How did he came up with his theory? His authoritarian father. What is it ? Here comes the Theory..... Born on 21 April 1864
Died on 14 June 1920 University study: Economy Age: 56 Best Known For:
A founding figure of the field of sociology
Thesis of the "Protestant Ethic"
Ideas on bureaucracy The first of the seven children. Next Step The Beliefs According to Max Weber, there are three types of power in an organization:

Traditional Power

Charismatic Power

Bureaucratic Power Or Legal Power. There is a high degree of Division of Labour and Specialisation.
There is a well defined Hierarchy of Authority.
It follows the principle of Rationality, Objectively and Consistency.
There are Formal and Impersonal relations among the member of the organisation.
Interpersonal relations are based on positions and not on personalities.
There are well defined Rules and Regulations. There rules cover all the duties and rights of the employees. These rules must be strictly followed.
There are well defined Methods for all types of work.
Selection and Promotion is based on Technical qualifications.
Only Bureaucratic or legal power is given importance.
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