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GE306 Practical Presentation

No description

Manasa Vula

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of GE306 Practical Presentation

GE306 Practical Presentation
Convergence Plate Boundary
ocean- ocean convergence
ocean- continent convergence
ocean- ocean convergence
e.g. Pacific plate and Philippine plate
Island arc Formation - An island arc is a type of archipelago, often composed of a chain of volcanoes, with arc-shaped alignment, situated parallel and close to a boundary between two converging tectonic plates.
Trench: very deep, elongated cavity bordering a continent or an island arc; it forms when one tectonic plate slides beneath another
Ocean- continent convergence
Geomorphology- the oceanic plate is more dense than the continental plate, thus it is subducted beneath the continental crust
Divergent Plate Boundary
Continental Plate Separation
Oceanic Plate Separation
Philippine plate
Pacific plate
Philippine plate
Pacific plate
Nazca plate is submerged under the South- American Plate
Continental Plate Separation
Mid Atlantic Ridge
oceanic plate separation
Transform Fault Boundaries
Mid-ocean ridge transform fault
Continental Transform fault
North- American plate
By: Elenoa Ravula (s11078975)
Manasa Vula (s11078120)

Plate tectonics
movement of plates and forces acting upon them
3 types of boundaries

driven by mantle convection system
Discuss The different plate boundaries and its geomorphology

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