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No description

Sammi Bieber

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Pain

The Logistics Pain The source: Paper First Response Signals Delivery The signal is sent to the thalamus section of the brain which is responsible for sensory information. The brain can then respond to the body with appropriate care for the injury. The Brain Pain is the physical suffering or discomfort caused by injury or illness How exactly does it work? Tacks Legos Other organisms Tables, chairs, doors A-Delta (Somatic Pain) C-Sensory (Visceral Pain) Pain Receptors (Nociceptors) Found on free nerve endings Activated in response to pain stimulus Release neurotransmitters that send information to the brain Substances that are released from damaged tissues activate nociceptors: histamine, serotonin, and potassium Two types: The thalamus sends signals to other parts of brain to trigger pain and emotions Signals are sent to the area of injury which results in what we perceive as "pain"
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