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Edward Hopper and Norman Rockwell two American painters

No description

Dominique Paci

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Edward Hopper and Norman Rockwell two American painters

Edward Hopper and Norman Rockwell They came from the same place
New York for Rockwell
Nyack in New York State for Hopper They loved the same city Which one is Hopper's ?
Which one Rockwell's ? They both loved the same places What are the differences ? Norman Rockwell painted about everyday life Edward Hopper painted about ...himself ? or maybe just about "A clean, well-lighted place" Hemingway wrote a book called : A clean well -lighted place An old waiter is talking to a young waiter in their cafe at closing time here is a transcript of the dialogue

"And what do you lack?"
"Everything but work."

"You have everything I have."

"No. I have never had confidence and I am not young."

"Come on. Stop talking nonsense and lock up."

"I am of those who like to stay late at the cafe," the older waiter said. "With all those who do not want to go to bed. With all those who need a light for the night."

"I want to go home and into bed."

"We are of two different kinds," the older waiter said. He was now dressed to go home. "It is not only a question of youth and confidence although those things are very beautiful. Each night I am reluctant to close up because there may be some one who needs the cafe."
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