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No description

Emily Peck

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Powerlifting

The lifts
Squat Rules
Hands and fingers must be wrapped around the bar.
Hip crease must break parallel with your knees (it's NOT an athletic squat).
Your commands:
"Squat" The judge will not give you the squat command until your knees are locked out. You go down the with bar and up (make sure you lock out your knees again when you come back up). Wait until next command.
"Rack" You step forward and put the bar in the rack.
Once the judge says squat, your feet must stay planted where they are - NO moving them whatsoever.
The lift must be one fluid motion (if you go down and start to go back up, and realize you didn't go down far enough, you can't go back down again).
Bench Rules
Butt must stay on the bench the whole time.
You cannot shift your feet or pick them up.
The lifter must wear a singlet.
"Start" The judge will not give you this command until your elbows are locked out. Begin to bring the bar down to your chest and wait for next command.
"Press" You move the bar upwards and lock out your elbows. Wait for next command.
"Rack" Return the bar back to the rack.
Deadlift Rules
Lifter must have knee length socks.
The lift starts whenever the lifter is ready. After you have picked up the bar, you need to lock out your knees and be perfectly straight.
"Down" Once the judge sees your knees are locked out, he or she will give you the "down" command.
You cannot "hitch" the bar (where you edge the bar up your thigh for leverage).
You may not step forward or backward.
You cannot let the bar go back down at all once you have started the upward motion.
You must have the bar under control as you set it down, don't just drop it.
General Rules
Failure to wait for the judge's command will result in an incomplete lift.
Three incomplete lifts of a single event results in disqualification.
If you test positive for drugs, you are disqualified (they test at state and national competitions).
No misconduct - you are warned once and if the behavior continues, you are disqualified.
The lifter has one minute from when the judge says, "bar is ready" to get set on the platform and in the position to start. If you do not make it to the platform and have the bar out of the rack (for squat and bench) in one minute, the lift is scratched (so you will really only get two chances at that lift instead of three).
This is a link to the official USAPL lifters hand book.
The family you create is amazing (your school and others).
The fact that everyone wants you to do your best is incredible. So much good sportsmanship is displayed.
It's an individual thing, but each place value has points that are added for a team score, so it's a little of both.
I love being buff.
Why I love it
Me squating at nationals
Head Judge -- (gives you your commands)
Notice how my hips break parallel
Me benching at nationals
Head judge
Me deadlifting at nationals
Coach Hahn
Spotters (they don't do much here)
Head judge (waiting to give "down" command)
Another judge (there are three on each platform)
Video of me deadlifting at the Phillips meet last year
Click on it to play it
Starships cover by Pentatonix
Music Credits:
Starships Cover

By: Pentatonix
By: Emily Peck
Thanks for watching!
(yes, I know, I look gorgeous).
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