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No description

chris cochran

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Line

The definition of the word "line" takes up a whole column in the Oxford English Dictionary, but when applied in the world of art it has some very specific meanings apart from being a trajectory between two points.
A child's first contact with visual creativity invariably involves him or her drawing a line, with crayon, pen, paintbrush or pencil. Other lines are then added, often to form a representational shape - a human figure, an animal, a tree or a flower.
A line can be defined as a single point moving through space. It is used to define space, contours, outlines, and to suggest mass or volume.
3 main types of lines
Descriptive lines help us understand what we are seeing
the most basic descriptive line is an OUTLINE
from the outline comes the
contour lines also define the edges of shapes, vary in thickness and darkness.
they also define shapes within a form
lines can also be used to show shadow
and form
HATCHING: closely spaced parallel lines.
Cross Hatching: hatching lines that cross to create more solid, darker shadows.
Implied Lines:
these lines are indicated indirectly, by edges, closures of other shapes, textures, and lines of sight.
edges occur where one shape ends and another begins. This can be caused by anything from a change in shape, to a change in texture, to an addition of a shadow, etc.
is our tendency to see complete figures where lines are left open.
Expressive lines are used to show some kind of mood or emotion within a work.
Abstract Lines
are purely expressive, and not descriptive.
now lets take a moment and discuss this piece of artwork by Iian Macarthur.
gesture drawing
is a quick method of representing a sense of movement and an objects weight and mass with as few marks as possible.
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