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Helen Keller's Accomplishments

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Meagan Trotta

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Helen Keller's Accomplishments

Helen Keller's Accomplishments

By: Katie Dubrouillet Helen Keller had many accomplishments in her lifetime. In this presentation, you will learn all about these. Helen Keller truly changed the world for the handicapped. Anyone who was impaired in any way was often mistreated. They were usually considered a disgrace to their families and often sent away from their homes. No one ever gave the handicapped a chance to show the world what they are capeable of. However, Helen's inspiring success story gave all impaired people courage and hope that they can be successful too. Everyone has something to give to the world. The only thing they need is a chance. Keller was a major contributer to the American Foundation for the Blind. Because of her generous donations, the AFB has been able to help the blind in many areas. Helen also campaigned to change the standard system of reading and writing for the blind to braille. Before this, there were many different systems being used which made communicating difficult. Thanks to helen keller, in 1932 the system was changed. Helen did not want to stop there! She pushed the US government to include the blind in the disabled category. This would allow them to apply for financial help. Also, President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act which offered them unemployment insurance, retirement funds, and child assistance. Helen Keller has changed the lives of many people. She is a hero to the blind, and to the world. Thank you helen keller for making a difference.
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