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The Marine West Coast climate facts

here are some facts of the marine west coast climate, written by a 6th grader.

Anna M.

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of The Marine West Coast climate facts

The Marine West Coast Climate fast facts and paragraphs
by Anna MacLean What are the Animals in this climate The Vegetation here is like what? Where is this climate normally located The climate Marine West Coast is normally
located near the mid-latitude continents.
The continents that this climate mostly
covers is Europe (with the most), North
America, and South America. Some animals in this climate are foxes,
deer, jaguars, squirrels, lynx, dolphins,
bears, and a variety of bird species. This
climate mainly covers small mammals,
and maybe a few different bears. The vegetation here, or the plants, are
mainly a lot of things from huge trees
to tiny shrubs. Some trees they have
here are Redwood, Spruce, Cedar, and
Pine. The redwood tree is very big and
lush. They can make holes on the bottom
of these trees to continue a road, and
there would be thick sides, just like
if you went into a tunnel. The Marine West Coast People are affected... The climate can affect many things like cloths, development of culture, the civilization, and the housing things like design and location where it is going to be built. In this climate they don't need to change many things at all. The peoples lives are almost just like ours, the main
difference is that the roads can go under trees, and its cold. different climate changing things The Characteristics
of this climate The characteristics of this climate are mainly the vast forest. These cover a lot of the land. They have a variety of amazing animals and they also have tree roads too!! would i live there? lets find out!! yes, i would live there Yes i would live there. I would live there for many reasons. One main reason is because of the lots of plant and animal life that inhabitant this climate. I also enjoy looking at the pictures of this climate because it looks very nice, even though it can be cold. The fact that its close to nature and it has cars, roads, and modern day electricity is amazing in my view. I think this is a perfect place to live!! THANKS FOR
WATCHING!!! The shelter that i may build if i was stranded on an island with just this climate in it, is probably to build a small lean-to near the side of a rock with a grey shade of the top so it Would be hard to recognize by bears, fox, jaguars, or any other dangerous animals in this climate For clothing i would need to go out and get it myself, first i may make a simple grass skirt and then i may look around the island for dead animals so i can use there skin as a cape. The ways that i would get
food and water is from a river and the dead animals i use for clothing. I can cook the food over a nice fire near my lean-to. I can use tree bark to make a temporary knife to get some sharp teeth for a spear, arrows, and a better more permanent knife It can rain a lot for a long time,
it can be too cold to go out,
flooding could happen from heavy rain,
and there can be animal attacks and such. The marine west coast survival strategies
SHELTER clothing ways to get food and water Most Frequent Problems
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