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Copy of Academy: Inserting Animations in Prezi

Best practices on how to use simple flash animations in combination with prezi Path and Frames - to achieve a strong narrative.

Sherri McNeely

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Academy: Inserting Animations in Prezi

wow! fig. 2 10 Literacy Integration Ideas for 2010 why didn't i think of that? hotchacha! ...ideas in service of content goals Be on the lookout:
Strategies for you
Strategies for kids Standards:
understand and apply broad-based literacy strategies in service of content
become selective and intentional in the use of literacy strategies to support learning in content Writing Break

What is it? Why is it good? What else? Idea #2: Word Warp How many words can you build? adolescent literacy = reading writing speaking and listening tree Idea #3: Metaphor Idea #5: Wordle Idea #6: xtranormal.com Idea #7: Observation Checklist Idea # 8: Quote Walk Idea #1: Placemat Idea #9: prezi Idea #10: Sketch to Stretch Idea #4: Writing Break "shut up and let me think!" reader response
stop, drop, and roll
think, ink, pair share
it says/ i say
your own prompt #1 placemat
#2 Word warp
#3 Metaphor
#4 Writing break #5 wordle
#6 xtranormal.com
#7 observation checklist
# 8 quote walk
#9 prezi.com
#10 sketch to stretch Sherri Beshears-McNeely
Literacy project Manager; CTL KY Striving Readers Conference http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/1853984/content_literacy Divide your "tablecloth" into equal parts
Leave a square in the middle
number your section of placemat 1-10 Label the front of your index card "IT SAYS"
Label the back of your index card "I SAY"
Peruse the quotes around the perimeter of the room
On the "IT SAYS" side of your index card, record the "gist" of the quote that speaks to you most
On the "I SAY" side of your index card, write about what the quote means to you
be prepared to share your thinking with a partner
http://prezi.com http://www.xtranormal.com/profile/2279749/?listid=11454905 Explore strategy applications and tech trends to shake up your literacy routine.
Investigate the HOW & WHY behind rigorous implementation to make certain strategies are always in service of content goals identify similarities and differences
oscillate between word and image
promote connection-making making meaning through... Planning
peer observation
Specific Feedback What idea "took hold" of you
Quickly sketch a representation of the idea (no words) and its effect on you
Do not discuss your idea Cut your section of placemat out of the tablecloth as a reminder of our work
Now...Go be smart! ideas in service of content 0 0 0 0
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