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BiodiversityKnowledge -Status October 2013

A short description of the curent status of BiodiversityKnowledge (EU project KNEU)

Carsten Nesshoever

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of BiodiversityKnowledge -Status October 2013

Creating a Network of Knowledge
on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services to support Decision making in Europe

1- The landscape is active...
2 - The current status of discussion for the Network of Knowledge
3 - The next steps
4 - Stay tuned and get engaged

Follow our regular updates on our website:
The figure on the left showcases the potential steps of the NoK process to be brought to life
STEP 1: use of existing meta-sources like BISE
STEP2: use of rapid expert identification and consultation
STEP 3: detailed NoK assessments
STEP 4: needs for further research

The main task for the next months is to identify potential roles of different partners in this process and how they are acknolwedged

Additionally, the question on how such an approach could be linked to policy processes at European scale (and beyond) will need to be discussed
Horizon2020 starting in 2014 and its focus on innovation,
IPBES starting to implement its workprogramme at the international science-policy interface in 2014,
many projects and networks on the European scale gaining strength and focus,

the enabling environment for a better exchange between science and society on biodiversity and ecosystem service in Europe has never been better.

At our conference, many networks, institutions and learned societies outlined their potential contributions to and benefits from an operational Network of Knowledge.
Where we are, October 2013
Comment on our next version of the White Paper, to be released in December 2013:
The recent meetings of
in Brussels (March 2013) and Dublin (July 2013) have identified a path to support the research strategy development on BES in the future.

with its White Paper describes a path for an improved policy-support and, as basis for this, and improved network of existing networks.

Both lines of work and the way existing institutions, networks and projects get involved will strongly influence the future role of issues on biodiversity and ecosystem services in European policies, and how research contributes to the implementation of the
EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy
, the
Aichi targets
, and to

In the first two years of the project, more than 300 experts where involved in our work to

gain an overview of the biodiversity landscape in Europe
develop a prototype NoK
test it in different areas (conservation, biodiversity & agriculture, marine biodiversity)
and evaluate it in terms of its methods and procedures
Now we have released a White Paper with a proposal of the major functions and design options for a NoK, and discussed it at our 2nd conference with 80 colleagues
Join us and involved networks in shaping the business plan for the NoK in 2014:
after 2nd BDKconference
contact: info@biodiversityknowledge.eu
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