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Mountain Moot: Unplugging from the Commercial Software Grid: Why Free is Better

You can develop a strategic road map for using open source software and free services, such as Moodle, Open Office and Google Apps for Education. As budgets are squeezed and software compatibility issues abound, it is time to discover Open Source

Kent Brooks

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Mountain Moot: Unplugging from the Commercial Software Grid: Why Free is Better

BE Free Web 2.0 Open Source Public Domain/
Non-Profit Embedded Secret Text http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/MjEwNzA1MDY5OQ http://drop.io/r6conference http://sourceforge.net/community/cca09/winners/ Other companies have a paid service, but they give away portions of it for . . . Do I really need to say it? Here, I'll help you,
FR_ _. http://urenglishteacher.blogspot.com/ Extensions and Add-Ons
http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/pdfimport http://www.google.com/support/a/bin/answer.py?answer=67775 Poll Everywhere http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/NTY5OTYxNDA0 http://drop.io/MayerBE_FREE http://edu.glogster.com http://www.audble.com http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/LTIwNTkzMTQwMDk Amy Mayer, Conroe I.S.D. The hazards of open source are often the same objections made by “experts” about commercial software They usually revolve around the words:
availability of support
legal issues Open source projects
such as,
are perfectly viable from
many perspectives.
But you do have to answer
a few questions/objections. Lets Discuss
Open Source
for a Second In general, major open source software applications are:
written at least as well as leading commercial products
enthusiastically supported by expert and helpful developers (as opposed to knowledge-free call center staff),
transparently licensed (via industry-standard agreements). Leading, expensive commercial products can be:
deeply buggy,
poorly supported (without steep $$ support agreements)
sometimes poorly supported (with steep $$ support agreements)
legally vulnerable I now ALWAYS ask:
is there a free tool equal or better to the commercial product we are interested? Unplugging from the Commercial
Software Grid: A Strategic Path
AKA Why Free is Better
Even if you Have a Budget

Kent Brooks
Western Oklahoma State College
Austin Moodle Moo 2010 …..and more trouble came upon the land… "We have had requests from your state to bring courses in and we are coming and there is nothing you can do about it"
-Greeting at Best Practices Visit to Colorado Community College System
1997 Why Do I go to Google when I want to learn something instead of taking a course at my college.
Jason Cole
Savannah Moot
2004 Yes I still use
Microsoft Stuff
and I like them Many Wise People gave
us much to Think About So what are the
Reasons for doing this... Reason #1 All the really really smart people work for someone else and live somewhere else Reason #2 We don't have to ration technology for instruction Reason #3 We can give our students & teachers a better selection of tools...commerical & non-commercial Reason #4 We can save money on licensing software...YOU WILL have hosting and personnel requirements regardless Reason #6 Free Drives Innovation Reason #5 Free will allow us to automate humanization Unplugging from the Commercial Software Grid: Why Free is Better Even if you Have A Budget #4 we can strategically
choose what we want
to pay for How did all of this come to pass... In Spite of
all this the Kingdom Prospered Reason # 7 Mobile will force

us to look for solutions which are not "Box" dependent ...Virtual mounts allowed
riding into our kingdom.... Once upon a Time... …there was a kingdom surrounded
by great flying machines… Woe is us ...an Evil

IT Director.... Unplugging from the Commercial Grid

Not Unplugged ...sadlythere was no
gold in the learning kingdom
in 2001

Our (IT) orders from the King were to build
A GlobalTelecommuncations Network

Your allotment of Gold is $12,000*

*Please note This is just an estimate and interestingly these
are the same orders the pointy headed boss gave theGreat IT servant Dilbert This is
where the
Fairy Tale
Really Kicks into High Gear
(2004-Present) Don't You Get What

You Pay for? What happens if

the guy dies? Reason #8 We do want

survive and survive well
(sustainability) Who do you call

at 2:00am ? What can I do?

Understand This ...to use a proprietary
LMS (Learning
ManagementSystem)... ...was forcing
all in the
learning kingdom... 2001 ...when
of Math(faculty)
stumbled upon
the powerful
LMS, Moodle... ...Given to
the people by
the great LMS
knight Martin of
(Australia of course)... ...This tool grew in

stature year by year... …and Moodle

Grew... ....and
of the
even small
Moodle ....all the people began shouting
How can this be... 2.0 Creative Commons

Open Source ...and many

skeptics... ...were converted

and believed... ...and things began

to change as the old ways began to disappear But we will

need a developer? $75,000 vs $0 But Open Source

is not Free To Most People Open Source = Free What I have pushed which didn't work out:
ClamWin (We almost had an Anti virus "Clamity"
Joomla: Good Product Wrong Application This presentation was created entirely with free tools:
Jing = Screen Capture
Paint.Net = Image Editing
Prezi = Presentation (Free for Education) “ I don’t have to put out the light on my candle to light yours” Thomas Jefferson If you are not sharing it is not education
David Wiley West Coast Moot 2011 Licensing In 2012 "Open" is not an absolute term, but as a continuum along which various content and services can be arrayed. But can it grow

with us?
Kent Brooks
Casper College
Casper WY

May 2012
Mountain Moodle Moot
Helena MT http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3659/3348380142_6f1efea711.jpg But can it do

everything we need/require?

VS. Geographic Local of students in
any recent semester "I'll get the sales team to get you pricing"
Any Random Vendor at Any Random Trade Show 1997- present …In a land

far away… ...the next
one is a
prediction... “The case is a loser” - Johnnie Cochran, on soon-to-be client O.J.'s chances of winning, 1994. Kent Brooks
IT Director


twitter @kentbrooks

Thanks and Have a
Great Evening The tast of Open Source is sweet when my vendors and I meet. I fell for it like a child.
I fell into an LMS fire
I fell into a proprietary
LMS fire.

Our server went down
and the prices got higher
And it burns burns burns…..
That LMS fire.
That LMS fire

Our server went down
and the prices got higher
And it burns burns burns…..that LMS fire. That LMS fire. Open Source Software is software for which the source code is freely and publicly available, though the specific licensing agreements vary as to what one is allowed to do with that code. What if someone

buys it? Reason #9

Vendor Churn Reason #10

Community http://www.flickr.com/photos/n_corboy/
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