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Granny Parker Situation

No description

Toni Do

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Granny Parker Situation

Granny Parker
Background Info/History
Body Systems: How they interact
Patient Name: Granny Parker
Gender: Female
Age: 9 when captured
Granny Parker got attacked by the Indians at Fort Parker in a indian raid. She was shot by multiple arrows, and then stabbed by a spear, which caused multiple injuries in her diaphragm. She was kidnapped, and later returned to her home .
Sarah "Granny" Parker symptoms include a major fever and difficulty breathing while her chest hurts with every breath. The arrow was in her diaphragm which is most likely causing these problems
Muscular system was affected when she was shot and stabbed with the arrows and it had ripped and distorted the muscles in her body.

Respiratory system was affected because the arrows were in her diaphragm and she was hurting every time she had taken in the breath because her muscles had been torn.

Integumentary system was affected because it barrier was broken when the arrow had pierced the skin causing that protective layer being broken.
Granny Parker has an arrow in her diaphragm, which is making her breathing affected. She has been stabbed multiple times and stabbed by a spear. She will need her surgery with morphine and skin graph. We will also need CAT Scan with our modern technology for further data and research.
Lauren Nelson,Toni Do
Xavier Hernandez, Daniel Rials

Granny Parker
Sarah "Granny" Parker
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