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Douglas Macarthur

No description

Kenneth Birlin

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Douglas Macarthur

Douglas MacArthur
By Kenneth Birlin
Douglas MacArthur was born on January 16, 1880. His father Arthur MacArthur fought in the Civil War. His mothers name was Mary Pinkley Hardy MacArthur. Douglas MacArthur went to, and graduated from West Point Military academy.
Douglas MacArthur fought in world war 1 he helped lead the 42nd rainbow division and was promoted to Brigadier General
In World War 2 he helped protect the Philippines but the Japanese surprise attacked him and he was ordered to get out of the Philippines so he went to Australia then went to America.
Douglas MacArthur helped lead the campaign against the Japanese in the pacific. When the US was close to victory in the pacific he had originally planned for a large invasion, even larger than D-Day. Instead we dropped the Atomic bombs twice on two japanese cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
Douglas MacArthur married Louise Cromwell Brooks in 1922 They divorced in 1929

Then in 1937 he married Jean MacArthur until he died in 1964 his wife died in 2000 they had one son they named Arthur MacArthur

Douglas MacArthur almost ran for president but someone else was chosen instead.
Douglas MacArthur became an ally and rival to another american who would become a general George. Patton who helped lead the United states first tank division and broke the stalemate in Europe.
General Douglas MacArthur was one of Americas best Generals. He was awarded the medal of honor because he helped of resisting the japanese when they first invaded.

Douglas MacArthur fought in world wars one and two and helped command the US troops in the Korean war. He helped to break the stalemate in World War 1 against Germany and to take back the Philippines and many other pacific islands during World War 2 against the Japanese. though he has been dead for a long time now he is still well known today


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