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The Outsiders Chapter 8...

No description

PonyBoy Curtis

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders Chapter 8...

Main Events in Chapter 8...

At the hospital, they realize that Johnny's condition is not good and he's afraid of dying. Johnny refuses to see his mother when she shows up to meet him.

On the other hand, Dally is recovering fast. He asks for Two-Bit's switchblade when he hears about Johnny's health, who gives it to him readily without wanting to know why.
Why do you think Dally does this?
Main Events in Chapter 8...
Character Analysis...
- Is stressed, scared and tired.
- Matured
- Less innocent than what he was before.
Character Analysis...
- admits talking about killing himself
-∫Broken spine
- Near the end -> realizes he's got some
things to do and say now that he's got the
chance to

- Bad condition.
- Still tough old Dally.
- Wanted hero in the newspaper and not criminal.
More sensitive while talking.

Thematic Topics...
Friendship and Family
Ponyboy along with Two-Bit go to visit Johnny and Dally at the hospital and that shows us that they care for them and that they concern them. Johnny finally understands that his parents aren't good enough.
The fact that he was willing to meet Ponyboy and Two- Bit and not his mother is enough to tell us that he has realized that his friends are his true family

Thematic Topics...
Belonging and Isolation
Thematic Topics -
On the way home from the hospital, Two-Bit gets to know that Ponyboy is running a fever and is in no condition for the rumble.
Do you think Ponyboy will still fight? Why or why not?
Later on, they meet Cherry who refuses to meet Johnny because she can't bear to look at the person who killed her boyfriend, Bob. Ponyboy comforts her when she starts crying.
Do you think Cherry is wrong when she doesn't go to meet Johnny? Why or why not?

Finally, Johnny realizes that he belongs to the greasers and that they are his real family and not his parents.
Ponyboy is also trying to get as close as he can with family as he thinks he can be sent to the boys house. If he doesn't get sent this would signify a Greaser Victory.

While in the hospital Johnny tries to break out of the Greaser conformity by persuing his own life and interests.
He also doesn't want his indentity to be soly confined as that of a Greaser and Violence.
Johhny also understnads that Violence is futile and that it had given the greasers nothing but grief and loss

Thematic Topics
Everyone is Human

Ponyboy tries to accept the idea that everybody is human after all. He tries to understand that even the Socs face problems just like the Greasers.

When he unintentionally says some rude words to Cherry, he immediately realizes how harsh and stinging his words were and thus tries to take his words back and tries to comfort Cherry with some other kind words,

He also realizes that even though he thought that Bob was mean and a Soc, he was also a very nice person and a great friend as said by Cherry
""We gotta get even with the Socs. For Johnny.""(Pg 96,para 1) - They want to take revenge from the Socs for their bad deeds.Take revenge for Johnny who was at the verge of dying because of them.
""You know the only thing that keeps Darry from being a Soc is us.""(Pg 96,para 8)- Darry is a good looking and tough person to become a Soc. The only thing that stops him from becoming one is Sodapop and Ponyboy which are his responsblities to take care of.
""You dig okay.""( Pg 99,para 4) - It means that Ponyboy being so young can understand every problem and situation so well for his age.

""Sixteen years on the streets and you can see a lot. But all the wrong sights,not the sights you want to see.""(Pg 93,para 4) - It means that Johnny regrets what he did and saw
The Outsiders Chapter 8...
By Suyash, Advait, Samridh,
Tosca and Mahek

Ponyboy and Two-Bit go to the hospital to visit Johnny and Dally.
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