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David and Goliath: Caroline Sacks

No description

Becka Bale

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of David and Goliath: Caroline Sacks

Salon vs. Impressionists Exhibition
Benefited by being big fish in a small pond

By: Rebecka Bale, Karl Luedtke, and Allison Starr
David and Goliath: Caroline Sacks
Is it better to be a big fish in a little pond or a small fish in a big pond?
Affirmative Action
What is it?
Why is it important?
Here's the facts, which can be found on page 285.
Rank Black White Other
1. 51.6 5.6 14.8
2. 19.8 7.2 20.0
3. 11.1 9.2 13.4
4. 4.0 10.2 11.5
5. 5.6 10.6 8.9
6. 1.6 11.0 8.2
7. 1.6 11.5 6.2
8. 2.4 11.2 6.9
9. 0.8 11.8 4.9
10. 1.6 11.7 5.2
*This is a good example of logos
Persuasive Appeals
" Yet when it comes to affirmative action, that's exactly what we do. We take promising students like Caroline Sacks- but who happen to be black- and offer to bump them up a notch. And why do we do that?
Because we think we're helping them
" (93).
"When the artist Jules Holtzapffel didn't make it into the Salon of 1866, he shot himself in the head"(66).
"He was one of the oldest and most established members of the group, a handsome and gregarious man in his early thirties who dressed in the height of fashion and charmed all those around him with his energy and humor" (63).
"Every 10-point increase in SAT score causes retention to fall by three percentage points" (85).

*Which appeal is his strongest?
"The very best students at a non-top 30 school-that is, a school so far down the list that someone from the Ivy League would grimace at the thought of even setting foot there- have a publication number of 1.05, substantially better than everyone except the very best students at Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, and Chicago" (89).
"I've provided a summary of some of Sander's argument in the notes at the back of this book" (92).
Do you feel like Caroline Sacks?
Malcolm Gladwell's Writing Styles:
How you feel about your abilities—your academic “self-concept”—in the context of your classroom shapes your willingness to tackle challenges and finish difficult tasks. (80)

No painter could submit more than three works. The crowds were often overwhelming. The salon was the Big Pond. But it was very hard to be anything at the Salon but a Little Fish. (72)
Most universities follow the first strategy. They even take a boast out of it:
We only hire graduates of the very top schools.
You can do it!
Relative Deprivation Explained
Malcolm Gladwell's Thoughts
What is it?
Main Paradoxical Truth
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