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No description

Usman Enam

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of Smoking

the act
of smoking
or other
Nicotine stimulates the brain - alertness and relaxation
Effect wears off after a while
The addictive drug present in tobacco
Nicotine release of adrenaline
Rate of heartbeat
Blood pressure

Nicotine causes blood to clot easily
Risk of blood vessel blockage heart attack or stroke.
Carbon Monoxide
If carbon monoxide levels 1% - fatal.
CO ability to transfer oxygen via RBCs
deposit of fatty substances in artery walls
Decrease in lumen
Increasing risk of atherosclerosis
Damages the lining of blood vessels
Brown, sticky substance
Accumulates in lungs during smoking
Contains cancer causing chemicals
Hinders cell division of air sacs lumps of tissue
Blocks passage of air
Paralyzes cilia in air passages
Prevents cilia from removing dust - lungs, air tracts
The black material surrounding the lung on the right is tar.
Examples include hydrogen cyanide and acrolein
Paralyse cilia in air passages
Damage alveoli - weaken walls
Irritates cell lining of air passages produce mucous

Coughing - weakened walls of alveoli burst
Passive Smoking
Non smokers around smokers - affected too
Emissions of unfiltered gases
Studies - children who's parents smoke - children take in as if 80 cigarettes a year
Studies - non smoking wives of smokers have increased chance of lung cancer
Effect on Pregnancy
CO blood binds with haemoglobin
Inhibits oxygen from being transferred to cells.
Greater risk of miscarriage
Baby being born dead
Brain development of fetus affected - learning difficulties later in life
2 to 3 times of a higher risk of the baby being born prematurely
Fetus grows slowly
Infant born smaller, more fragile
Increased risk of death in the next few days
Presentation by:
Syed Usman Enam Sameer Ahmed Mahar

Osama bin Naseer Taha Allahwalla

As a result smoking in pregnancy can cause:
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