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Building Digital Community. Fryday W.

No description

Zauresh Amanzholova

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Building Digital Community. Fryday W.

Who are the Social Media Marketing
experts in Kazakhstan?
Overview of
Social Media in KZ

Social Media =
Marketing/Advertising medium
Who uses Social Media?

Why does it matter?
All Social Media is content and user-driven
Old Media vs. New/Social Media
Overview of social media available
in Kazakhstan and how they are used
It’s not new or social, it’s just media
Why should you listen to me:
Founded four accounts and pages that now have more than 800,000 likes/followers
What are the steps to building

Analyze, Learn & Adjust
Читай @TristramPerry
Content vs. Community
Actively use your Medium
Develop a consistent "voice"
Know your audience and competition
Content is excellent every time
Ask & Answer
Analyze, Learn & Adjust
Develop a consistent "voice"
Actively Use your Medium
Know your audience
and competition
Make your content excellent every time
It’s just marketing.
How much do you pay
for Social Media?
Tristram Perry
Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Consulate General Almaty
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