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50 G Technology Initiative

No description

Johnathan Graves

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of 50 G Technology Initiative

What is 50G?
District 50's new technology initiative
Provides greater access to technology as a tool for learning for the
New Generation of Learners
Transform SC
Collaboration between business leaders, educators, and parents across the state
The partnership provides professional development opportunities to help make the transition to 21st century learning.
Digital Learning Revolution Tour
In August, we offered a professional learning opportunity for certified staff entitled the
iSchool Initiative

Digital Ribbon Cutting
In October, Teachers of the Year turned on enhanced Wi-Fi at Springfield, Westview and Emerald thus beginning our
Bring Your Own Technology (B.Y.O.T.).
Professional Development Opportunities
Conducted an iPad training in January for all certified staff
Teachers and administrators led the sessions
Bring Your Own Technology
All students can bring their own technology devices for the purpose of educational activities.
iPads, iPhones, Androids, Kindles, etc.
Digital Citizenship=Responsibility & Accountability
iPad Deployment/Chromebooks
iPads distributed to all certified teachers before Winter Break
iPad carts and Chromebooks utilized in all schools
Yearlong technology training
DLR Tour bus provided a 21st century mobile learning experience
Infrastructure Timeline
Year One (2013-2014)
Brewer, Emerald, Springfield, and Westview

Complete Phase One in Year Two (2014-2015)
Lakeview, Merrywood, Pinecrest, and Rice

The only vertically aligned school district in the pilot program
Springfield Elementary School
Westview Middle School
Emerald High School
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