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The Story of Persephone and Hades

No description

Veronica Hemmings

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of The Story of Persephone and Hades

Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter.
Zeus knew Demeter wouldn't allow it, so he told Hades to just take Persephone to the Underworld.
When Demeter found out that Persephone had been kidnapped, she was furious.
People were dying of starvation, when the other Olympians finally stepped in to help.
Persephone was very unhappy in the Underworld. Then one day, she stumbled across a garden with all her favorite plants.
Hades asked Zeus for permission to marry Persephone.
The Story of Persephone and Hades
by: Veronica 7A

Persephone was gorgeous, and all the gods wanted to marry her, especially Hades.
Zeus drew Persephone away from her chaperones, then Hades captured her in his chariot, and took her to the Underworld.
Persephone found her favorite fruit, pomegranates. She tried to resist them, but gave in and ate four pomegranate seeds.
Hermes went to bring her back, but because she ate he couldn't. Then Demeter sent a curse down to the Underworld.
It was decided that since Persephone ate four seeds, she would stay with Hades one third of the year, and Demeter the other two thirds of the year.
After searching for Persephone for a long time, Demeter found out Hades took her. She vowed that nothing would grow until she got Persephone back.
Percy Jackson's Greek Gods
by Rick Riordan
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