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Copy of Copy of Strategy JCI Finland 2016

No description

Henna Väätäinen

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Strategy JCI Finland 2016

JCI Finland Strategy Framework
to create a better world
Measure Results
Evaluate & Report
Analyzing needs of society...
Modify the vision or goals
We have reached the goals but we need more action!
JCI Presenter, JCI Trainer, JCI Designer
Trainers school
Leadership path
Learning by doing in projects, in boards and other positions
Yhteiskuntavastuullisen toiminnan edistäminen
Nuorkauppakamari on edistänyt julkisen sektorin johtamisen uudistumista kestävälle perustalle
Global Compactin periaatteet ovat levinneet osaksi pk-sektorin johtamista
Ilmapiiri Suomessa kannustaa yrityksiä kasvamaan sekä yksilöitä ja yhteisöjä menestymään
Trainers for leaders and organizations interested in developing sustainable leadership
Entrepreneurs or companies interested in social responsibility and sustainable leadership
organizations enhancing international trade for finnish companies
MEs who are interested in internationa trade
organizations interested in sustainability
Emphasize in all actions humane approach and joyful perpetrations in learning

Leadership path

Leadership training and products to all members

Young Leader of the Year project used to enhance sustainable leadership in national/regional/local implementations

Utilise outside commercial trainings

Boost the Chamber of Commerce co-operation in national/regional/local level

Enhance actively local triangle co-operation between ”JCI LOM – Business/Commerce – town/city”
International Leadership Exchange

JCI twinning/multitwinning to enhance the creation of international business networks and business opportunities

Advance better understanding of different cultures and people by increasing trainings and more international connections/activity

Different finance programs (f.e. TEKES, Finpro) opportunities exploration and exploitation to enhance internalisation

International commerce and real business cases part of trainings and conferences

Encourage and enable LOMs to invent local international projects with local partners

Further development of existing projects and ideas f.e. Global Deals
Annual action plans in LOMs and NOM, reports etc.

Develop Society and Leadership
to Ensure Better Future

Year 2016 JCI Finland is respected and known for developing society and sustainable leadership
Individual leadership knowledge and skills development via inspirational actions and learning

Every active JCI Finland member has developed in some area of sustainable leadership
JCI Finland/LOMs have enhanced responsible, humane and work welfare supporting leadership culture development around us in the society
JCI Finland/LOMs have created strong platform for continuous development of sustainable leadership
JCI Finland/LOMs is recognized and recommended by other organisations as the best individual leadership knowledge and skills development organization in the society
Better utilisation of networks especially in enhancing international business and trade
Every active member understand the meaning of networks, and utilise it if needed, in creating international business and trade
Every member understand the importance of international trade for Finnish future economic growth and well-being
Every LOM has enhanced the internationalisation of the local business and commerce
JCI Finland has developed new model to enhance international business and commerce
Enhancing sustainable leadership in the society
JCI Finland/LOMs have enhanced the public sector leadership model renewal to sustainable leadership base for the future
JCI Finland/LOMs have enhanced work endurance
Global Compact principles have spread to be integral part of SME management/leadership
The atmosphere in the society encourages firms to grow and also individuals and communities to succeed in the future
Leadership Day to Middle School (9th grade) and High School students

Elevate the awereness of sustainable leadership and different areas of it in all organisations around us and in the society in the future

Create Global Compact training for small and medium size firms (SMEs)

Capitalize the continuity project with continuity and entrepreneurial schools

LOMs act in their own areas as examples of joyful actions and activity, which encourages/supports all local individuals, communities and actors mutual co-operation to achieve succes
Need to clarify the focus of actions. Members know what they will get, partners know who they work with and what they get from co-operation

What was the material for strategy?
Challenges for Finland, Que vadis, PRES-Academy 2011, discussions with LOMs and members

How was it made?
Strategy group made a proposal, Board tested, LOM PRES chewed, LOM went over and commented, strategy group refurnished, and Board accepted the proposal for the Annual meeting. General Assembly accepted in April.
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