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The Anishinaabe

No description

Derek wu

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The Anishinaabe

Anishinaabe The Anishinaabe lived in the Canadian Shield region. There were many rock bottom lakes and coniferous forests. The winter is very cold and the summer is warm. Environment The Anishinaabe lived in wigwams that were not very portable. Their main food was fish which they boiled, smoked...etc. They also hunted deer, duck, moose, rabbit and beavers. They grew the 3 Sisters (beans, squash, corn) and wore clothing made out of animal skins. They used sticks and stones as utensils. Physical Needs The tribe would need warm wigwams and must be very organized. They must communicate with each other to work together. They all needed food too. Group Needs The life and ways of their people The Anishinaabe leader or chief would be the oldest male because they follow patrilinear clans. They would have a treaty with other clans and had group laws so that no one would do some thing bad. They also had a good security. Political Needs The family would be more attached to the fathers side. The man hunted while the women stayed behind. If the leader had no son, his son-in-law would take his place. They were very interested in nature and respected nature. They believed in spirits in which only the shaman could contact. They played games like Hide-'n'-Seek and Follow the Leader. Totem poles were used to show the animal that protected them (Anishinaabe's animal was moose, snake and turtles). Social Needs Anishinaabe families were small, with only 2 to 3 children in families. Women carried babies around on cradleboards, which were like cradles without sides, for a year. Daughters learned from their mother and female relatives, while sons learned from their father and male relatives. Children learned they were connected to all things and that they must respect the balance of nature. Children The men would go around and hunt for meat and food. They where in charge of teaching the children how to hunt. The male would always be the chief. Women would stay at the home and teach the young women how to do motherly duties or making clothing. The women did not hunt at all. Anishinaabe lived near the Algonquians so they were very good friends. They traded items like tools, cloth, food or decorations they had made. The Anishinaabe often crossed the land of the Algonquians to hunt but not too far. The Anishinaabe used to be the enemy of the Rocky Boy and the Turtle Mountain but now they are friends. They used to wage war against each over for land or hunting grounds. Friends and Enemies Men and Women Thank you so much for paying attention.
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