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a Separate Peace

No description

Keirsten Mincey

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of a Separate Peace

By: Sydni Trout and Keirsten Mincey A Separate Peace Gene Forrester Age: 17 He is intelligent and also has a competitive nature.
He has a love-hate relationship with his best friend, Finny.
Gene's job was to be a professional student. He also had to shovel snow off the railroad tracks and pick apples because the people that really do these jobs went off to war.
He was nonathletic and was always studying for his classes.
Source: www.sparknote.com/lit/separate/charavters.html Finny ( Phineas ) Elwin "Leper" Lepellier Brinker Hadley Finny was a charming, likeable person. he never really got in trouble.
He also was mainly into playing sprots and not so much into his school work.
He created the game called Blitzball. The game consisted of people playing and nobody ever won.
Finny was the best althelete of his school.
He really didnt have a job but he wasw pretty charming and good at getting his way out of things which felt like a job to him. Age: 17 Symbolism
"This was the tree, and it seemed to me standing there to resemble those men, the giants of your childhood, whom you encounter years later and find that they are not merely smaller in relation to your growth, but that they are absolutely smaller, shruken by age."
Source: Pg. 14 of A Separate Peace by John Knowles. Quote: Finny had deliberately set out to wreck my studies.
Gene thought this when he felt agree with finny because he thought Finny didn't want him to get head of the class. Which led him to think he was trying to sabotage his academic career. Gene was jealous of Finny.
He had felt that Finny was more charming then he was and didn't like the idea. The Chet Douglas Chet was a smart young man. He was tied with Gene for top of the class. Character Analysis
When Gene talks to Finny about if he would get mad if he became valedictorian, Finny joked and said, " I would kill my self of jealousy envy!" Well Gene didn't think he was joking. He took it seriously. Gene and Finny are very competitive but Gene is competitive with Finny when he isn't competitive with Gene. That's why Gene jounced Finny out of the tree. All because he thought Finny would try and ruin his chances to be valedictorian. All at the same time Gene is innocent and naive. Character analysis
Finny is a strong willed person; he not afraid of much, but when his accident happens its almost as if it didn't. he stills act as if everything is okay. Until one day when the war gets brought up and he gets angry. He made is seem like he didn't want anything to do with the war. Yet he had mailed every branch to see if they would take him but they wouldn't. "Isn't the bone supposed to be stronger when it grows together over a place where its been broken once?"
"Yes, I think it is."
"I think so too. In fact I think I can feel it getting stronger."

This Symbolizes their friendship healing together. Quote
"It's you, pal," Finny said to me at last "Just you and me." He and i started back across the fields, preceding the others like two seigneurs. We were the of friends at that moment. (1 38-9) Finny helps support by showing his feeling toward Gene. He shows that he believes he didn't cause the accident and that there still best friends. Even though Gene had told him it was him who caused his accident. Age: 17 Description: He is a peaceful, quiet person. He is also fascinated by the outdoors and he loves to ski. Job: Shovels snow of the railroad tracks and picks apples. Relationships: Friends with Gene. Facts
He is very timid.
Loves to ski
Escaped from the army. Character Analysis
Leper goes to the army thinking he can ski. When he finds out he can't ski and the war gets scary, he escapes from the army and goes back to Devon. He starts to have hallucinations about what happened while he was in the army when he returned to Devon. Age 17 Job: student at Devon description
He is really into the laws and rules. His face is almost like straight lines and is 6ft tall. He dresses well and looks good. He also is very mature. His relationship is he friends with almost everybody except Gene. Hime and Gene are at a distance. He is the one who understands the war the best out of all the boys. So he symbolizes the war. Character analysis
Brinker has very important role in the book. He always followed the rules until he started hanging out with some new boys. He was the only mature enough to know about what the war really was. Everyone else thought it was fun and games but Brinker new better.

Quote: " The class above, seniors, draft-bait, practically soldiers, rushed ahead of us toward the war. They were caught up in accelerated cousres and first-aid programs and a physical hardening regimen, which included jumping this tree." (1 27) All the boys though the war was an exciting
thing but Brinker took it seriously. Brinker used to want to join the army but he changed his mind when he knew it wasn't as great as everyone thought. That might be a reason he got rebellious. Sources:
www.shmoop.com/separate-peace/friendship-quotes.html "Bombs in central Europe were completely unreal to us here, not because we couldn't imagine it but because our place herewas too fair for us to accept something like that. We spent that summer in complete selfishness, I'm happy to say. The people in the world who could be selfishness, I'm happy to say. The people in the world who could be selfish in the summer of 1942 were a small band, and I'm glad we took advantage of it." (2.44) Leper was more of an outdoors man and thats way he joined the army. He thought he would be outside alot and see all different sites.
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