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Big Dent Strategies

No description

Nicole Vanderslice

on 21 May 2017

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Transcript of Big Dent Strategies

MicroFinance Strategies

Objective - What is MOHI's?
Fund as many loans as possible?
Grow new businesses in the Mathare Valley?
Provide interest income for other MOHI programs?
Bring families out of poverty?
What if we do nothing?
What will happen if Mathare Valley without MOHI programs? Without MicroFinance?
Loans to All?
Provide loan funding to anyone that can meet the collateral requirements and be supported by a group.
Loans for Viable Businesses
Help clients understand viability before giving loans.
Current Environment in Kenya
Being factual about the challenges helps you overcome.
Types of challenges: Environmental, Political, Financial, Organizational, Cultural
What is success in those challenges?
Mathare Valley-Thriving!
Viability is Best!
Providing loans to clients that have an idea that will work helps,
To meet the MOHI objective of Micro Finance, you need to be MORE than loan officers or managers.
Based on your objective
Communicated to all sides
How are you going to get there?
Who is on your team?
What are your resources?
What is the best way to meet the objective?
Environmental - Service industry is over 60% of GDP, yet 75% of labour force is in agriculture. Drought will continue to have major impact on Agriculture until God changes that plan.
Political - Elections and uncertainty of change
MPesa Mobile Banking Platform
Credit Reference Bureau (2010)
MicroFinance Industry raises hopes but are clients actually coming out of poverty?

More funds to loan.
Clients out of poverty and giving back to community.
More families coming to faith in Christ Jesus.

Financial Success
Funds to invest back into improving the Valley
Funds to improve education
Improve health
Growth of Believers
Grow the faith of clients
Which will grow churches in Mathare
Which will create environment of believers helping each other.
Families Strengthened
Parents supporting their children
Adult children supporting parents
Husbands and wives working together to improve family
Other MicroFinance companies could loan to customers.
No community building, no faith building, no family building.
More funds will be loaned out, and more interest earned.
Many loans will default, and have to be repaid by group which will hurt community growth.
Less defaults, business growth
Fewer loans to start
More training necessary with clients.
Clients will succeed with your help, and their hard work.
Loans will be repaid timely as businesses will grow.
Your loan base will increase as clients see you as a partner, not a debt collector.
Easier to lead to faith
Good will for MOHI in community
Where do you start?
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
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