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Greek Mythology in Advertising

No description

Emily Ruiz

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Greek Mythology in Advertising

By: Emily Ruiz and Annabelle Ronelli Greek Mythology in Advertising Nike Florists Online Honda Midas Product: workout/sports clothing and shoes

Reference:Nike who's goddess of victory

Purpose: to make people believe that buying products will make them victorious like goddess Nike Product: Flower delivery

Reference: logo is Mercury the god of speed

Purpose: wanted customers to believe their delivery of flowers was fast Product: Honda Odyssey vehicle

Reference: Greek hero Odysseus who went on many long adventurous journeys

Purpose: the Honda Odyssey car could take you many places Product: Auto service and tires

Reference: Midas was a king and received the golden touch from Dionysus who was the God of the Life Force

Purpose: Your car could have the force to run well if you go to Midas Trident 5 Product: sport diving equipment and water sport accessories

Reference: from the fish meaning, associated with Poseidon the God of the Sea

Purpose: the equipment and accessories are for the water and Trident deals with the sea Atlas World Group Product: trucks that can move your belongings

Reference: Atlas held the world on his shoulders as punishment

Purpose: The company can move your belonging around the world The Athenian School Product: college preparatory boarding school

Reference: logo has an ancient Greek column

Purpose: The Greeks were successful and very smart so this school can prepare you for college to be successful NBC Product: a television network that tells news

Reference: the peacock was the bird of Hera used to spy on Zeus

Purpose: NBC's symbol is the peacock feathers and they can spy on people to get news Prezi- Annabelle and Emily
Ad Design- Emily
Ad Paragraph- Annabelle
Slogan- Emily
Logo- Annabelle
Product Name- Emily
God History and Info- Annabelle
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