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Shadow of Doubt - Norah McClintock - Imera Ithayarajah

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Cheryl Kessel

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Shadow of Doubt - Norah McClintock - Imera Ithayarajah

Norah McClintock
Title of the Book and Author
The book I read for this report is a Norah McClintock novel. I will be discussing about one of her books, Shadow of Doubt. A book from the series of A Robyn Hunter Mystery.
Setting of the Story
This book takes place in downtown. One of the places in downtown the story takes place is at a coffee shop. This is where Robyn and her friend, Morgan, always hangout. The other places where this story takes place are at Robyn's school, Ms.Denholm's house, Robyn's mothers house and at her father's house. The climax scenes take place at Ms. Denholm's house. The part where Ben and Robyn get mad at each other happens at the coffee shop and the part where Ms.Denholm recieves the threatening gift happens at Robyn's school. There are many different conflicts that happen in different places.
Characters in the Story
The main Character of the book is Robyn Hunter. She is the protagonist. She helps her English teacher (a.k.a going to her stepsister) on who is sending threatening gifts and messages to her. Robyn and her friends, Morgan, Billy and her new boyfriend, Ben help Ms.Denholm find the person who is sending those things. The supporting characters are Robyn's best friend, Morgan and her boyfriend, Billy, Robyn's boyfriend Ben, Robyn's divorced parents, Mac and Patricia, Ted, Ms.Denholm, Ms.Rachlis and Mikhail. Mac, Robyn's father helps Robyn with the case because he is a private detective and was a police officer in the past. Ted is Ms.Danholm's lost long father. Ted and Patricia have been both seeing each other lately and decided to get married at the end of the book. The antogonist is Ms.Rachlis, the substitute art teacher at Robyn's school. Ms.Rachlis tricks Ms.Denholm that Mikhail, her boyfriend while she was in university, is stalking and threatening her. Ms.Rachlis did this because she liked Mikhail and Ms.Denholm took him away from her. Later, she gets arrested in the book.
Summary of Book
Can you imagine being pranked really badly, like recieving threatening gifts and messages from your best friend? Robyn Hunter, a high-school student, is not sure about how she feels about her mother's friend, Ted. Ted has a few delights except for his earnings as a financial analyst and his enthusiasm to Robyn's mother, Patricia. He is really different from Robyn's father, Mac, a former police officer and now a private detective. Robyn is also split between two boys. Her actual boyfriend, Nick, left town five weeks ago when she was on a school trip. Nick has sent her a Christmas present with no return address and has left a recorded message from a pay phone in another province. Meanwhile, a classmate of Robyn's, Ben, who is wealthy, good looking according to her friend, Morgan, and considerate comes along. Robyn is having a hard time on deciding to go with Ben or to still worry about what happened to Nick. Later at school, Robyn was asked to deliver a box with roses that was dropped off for her favourite teacher, Ms.Denholm. When they opened it together, inside were flowers that were covering a baby doll with no head, its chest ripped open and splattered red paint that was supposed to be blood. Robyn suggested to call the police, but Ms.Denholm says that it must be a joke. Later on, Ms.Denholm turns out to be Ted's missing daughter. Ted finds out that his ex died two years ago and that Ms.Denholm is a teacher at a school. Recently, when Ted was in love with Robyn's mother, he realizied that he must find his child and make decisions before his new marriage. It turns out, Ms.Denholm's stepfather was an abusive husband and a stalker. That is why her mother ran away and stayed in hiding with her. When Ms.Denholm went to University, Ms.Denholm met a boy, Mikhail and became his girlfriend. Since they broke up, Ms.Denholm thought that the threats were coming from him and became very unsecure about it. Robyn's father thinks that her ex-boyfriend wants to get back with her and that the pranks were really coming from someone else. Finally, when Ms.Denholm decided to move, Ms.Rachlis and Robyn helped. Later when they were at Ms.Rachlis's apartment, Mikhail calls. Ms.Rachlis then tells the truth about how she liked Mikhail and how Ms.Denholm stole him from her. She planned it to make it look like Mikahail did it, so Ms.Rachlis can get him back. Ms.Rachlis then threatens them and escapes. They both get found by Ben, Ted and Mac and told them that Ms.Rachlis got arrested in Montreal. At the end, Ben and Robyn go out together and Robyn finally makes her decision that she doesn't need Nick anymore and that Ben is the person for her.
Author's Message
The author's message is to know a person really well before trusting them clearly. This is the author's message because when Ms.Denholm got the threatening gifts, messages and phone calls, Ms.Denholm thought it was her ex-boyfriend from University. She thought that because of the way Ms.Denholm dumped him. Although, it wasn't her ex-boyfriend, Mikhail, it was her one and only best friend from University, Ms.Rachlis. During the time they were at University, Ms.Rachlis introduced Ms.Denholm to Mikhail. Mikhail started liking Ms.Denholm and decided they should date. At that time though, Ms.Rachlis liked Mikhail. She didn't know it was going to turn out the way it actually happened. Later, when they broke up, Ms.Rachlis decided to threaten Ms.Denholm about Mikhail wanting her back. Mikhail kept coming to see Ms.Denholm, but wasn't doing any harm. Ms.Rachlis was the real culprit and got arrested. Therefore, the author's message is to know someone really well, before trusting them, even if they are your best friend.
Reflection (Bloom's Taxonomy)
(Evaluation) What judgement would you make about Ben's careness to Robyn?
Ben is a really nice guy. He is sweet, considerate and really cares about Robyn. Ben is adored by Robyn's mother and her best friend, Morgan beacause he wasn't Nick. Nick, also known as "the neighborhood bad boy" was Robyn's boyfriend, but Nick vanished and never called Robyn for five weeks. Nick always got in trouble and gets in trouble with the law. Except, Ben had never been arrested, had never been charged with a crime, had never been convicted and had never served in a correctional facility. Ben would take Robyn everywhere. Ben would take her hiking, skiing, site seeing and would take her to his cottage with her friends, Morgan and Billy. When Ms.Rachlis was threatening Ms.Denholm, Robyn asked Ben for help. Ben was taking Robyn to a restaurant at that time. In one second, Ben did exactly what Robyn asked. At the end of the book, Ben took her to a restaurant for Valentine's Day and got her a present. From then, Robyn forgot about Nick and didn't care about him. Therefore, Ben's careness to Robyn is very clear that he really loves her.
This novel "Shadow of Doubt" is from a serie called "A Robyn Hunter Mystery, by Norah McClintock is a great mystery book and should be read by 11 years and up. This book has so many conflicts and problems to solve that makes the book really good. There are a lot of messages and lessons each character learns and understands. You begin to understand each chapter when you read it, from beginning to end. This book is from Robyn's perpective and Norah McClintock explains the details of the book clearly. For this must read book, I would rate it 5 stars. This novel is a must read!
All the
books in
the serie -
"A Robyn
Written by: Imera Ithayarajah
Pictures by: Google.ca

Book: Shadow of Doubt
Serie: A Robyn Hunter Mystery
Author of book and serie: Norah McClintock
The End
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