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Virtual Open House

No description

Madeline Kinzly

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of Virtual Open House

About Us
What's Next?
At a Glance
Email Address
About Us:
Year at a Glance
MSDI Program
Take a Tour
Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition
Programs we offer:
Allows students to complete the MSHN & DI
Trains students in the methods, implementation & interpretation of nutrition science
Emphasizes leadership skills
Provides eligibility to sit for the
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) Exam
For those who want to complete a dietetic internship
, not in combination with the master's program
11 month
graduate certificate program that begins mid-August and ends in June
Graduates are eligible to sit for the
RDN exam
(503) 494-7596
Portland, OR
Our Students
"In addition to providing an engaging academic experience, the OHSU Graduate Program expanded my horizons within the field of dietetics via valuable experiences within and outside the classroom. The faculty provides assistance and one-on-one support, but also creates a challenging environment that is conducive to personal growth. What I take most from this program is the ability to think critically about emerging research and apply this to clinical practice. The OHSU Graduate Program was a wonderful experience!"
-2014 MSDI graduate
What our students say about us...
We have students from all over the country bringing a range of backgrounds and diversity to our program
OHSU is located on Marquam Hill in the southwest neighborhood of Portland. Easily accessible by tram, bus, & bike!
Master of Science in Human Nutrition & Dietetic Internship (MSDI)

Dietetic Internship (DI)

Master of Science in Human Nutrition (MSHN)

Master of Clinical Dietetics (MCD)
Our Profession is Changing
Did you know as of
a graduate degree will be required to enter the profession?
Our program is changing to meet the demand by increasing the size of our MSDI program!
Combined MSDI Program
DI Program
MSDI at a Glance
Didactic classes are held primarily on
Internship rotations are completed in the
1st year
Program takes approximately
2 years
to complete
Thesis Year 1
Thesis Year 2
MSDI Courses
Include a variety of classes in public health, medical nutrition therapy, nutrition physical exam, laboratory methods, research, statistics, physiology, and more...
Supervised Practice
Supervised practice rotations occur Tuesday through Friday during the first
11 months
of the program
Students gain nutrition experience in community, food service management, clinical, and specialty practice settings
Rotation Sites
Determine thesis project and mentor selection
Develop background section
Develop materials & methods section
IRB submission, if needed
Thesis committee selection
Thesis proposal defense
Data collection & analysis
Develop results section
Develop discussion section
Oral thesis defense
Thesis revisions & submission to Library
Students are required to complete
1,200 hours
of supervised practice
During the first 1/2 of the internship, students have rotations in community nutrition and food service. Students are assigned a hospital primary placement site for the majority of their clinical rotations; however, several external rotations give students the opportunity to experience working in a variety of settings.
We collaborate with over 80 community, food service and clinical partners in Oregon & Washington!
Community Outreach Concentration
Sample Thesis Projects
Community/Nutrition Education:
- Food insecurity in children with special health care needs
- The implementation of nutrition education handouts for post-renal
transplant patients

- Nutrient intake and body composition in children with phenylketonuria
- Vitamin D supplementation regiments for HIV-positive patients
- Use of defatted breast milk in infants with chylothorax

Basic Science:
- Comparison of body composition by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry
& bioelectrical impedance in obese individuals
Rigorous supervised practice training and evidence-based didactic learning opportunities
Students who successfully complete the dietetic internship program receive a graduate certificate and a verification statement signed by the Dietetic Internship Director
Faculty and students of the Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition participate in a variety of food and nutrition programs and events in the Portland metropolitan area, throughout Oregon, and in regional and international locations. We strongly believe in giving back to our community.
Students are required to complete
1,200 hours
of supervised practice
MSHN and MCD Program

RDN Exam Pass Rate
Average rate of
graduates over the past 5 years:
DI Program
Average rate of
graduates over the past 5 years:
ACEND expects at least an
pass rate. The national average is around
Within 3 months following graduation
Employment Rate of
Our Graduates
in the Field of Nutrition & Dietetics
Within 6 months following graduation
Within 12 months following graduation
Tuition & Fees
For the 2016-2017 academic year:
per credit
per year
All students enrolled in the Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition (including DI program) are eligible to apply for financial aid.
Students enrolled in the combined MSDI program & placed at the VA Portland Health Care System may receive a stipend for the first year of the program.
Students enrolled in the combined MSDI program are eligible to apply for LEND (The Leadership Education in Neuro-developmental & Related Disabilities) & MCH (Maternal & Child Health Bureau) training stipends.
Ready to Apply?
Follow the link to choose a program and start the application process:

More words from our graduates
Contact Us!
Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition
Gaines Hall
Mail Code: GH207
840 SW Gaines Road
Portland, OR 97239
"The faculty and staff at OHSU are incredibly supportive and caring! The opportunity to spend time in the lab and learning the fundamental techniques in research has been invaluable as I have moved into my career. The program emphasizes and exposes you to new ideas, thoughts, programs, and encourages you to step "out of the box" in your traditional thinking. I use something I learned from the GPHN program nearly every day at work. This program is unique in the "value-added" opportunities it provides and I would highly recommend it!"

-2014 MSDI graduate

Our Faculty & Staff
Diane Stadler, PhD, RD, LD
Jeri Finn, MS, RDN, LD
Melanie Gillingham, PhD, RD
Julie McGuire, MS, RDN, LD
Joyanna Hansen, PhD, RD, LD
Sandra van Calcar, PhD, RD, LD
Only RDs or those who have completed a dietetic internship are eligible for this program
By the Numbers
Alexis Young
A minimum of
45 graduate
credits required
Program takes
a little over a year
to complete
degree options
For more details about these programs please contact us!
Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition

(503) 494-7596
Recent Student Publications
"The OHSU Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition offered far more opportunities than I ever expected, from fellowships & traineeships, to elective courses, to involvement in the greater Portland community. In addition to the "added-value experiences" and the extremely attentive faculty & staff within the Program, the rest of the university provided additional opportunities that enhanced my GPHN experience. Taking courses with students in other healthcare graduate programs broadened my perspective in the fields of healthcare & research. As a premier research university, OHSU offers opportunities within the thesis research project far beyond data collection and writing, providing hands-on experiences with the Principal Investigator of the research and the research staff. The Program challenged me to be creative and independent, through coursework, the internship practicum, and now as a young professional in the field of dietetics."

-2014 MSDI graduate
Our Program
The dietetic internship program began in 1930 and is the oldest continuous program on the West Coast
Sara Wilson Wolfe, MS, RD
An undergraduate level DPD verification statement is an eligibility requirement for the combined MSDI & DI programs
Registered Dietitians or those who have completed a dietetic internship are eligible for the MSHN and MCD program
Data from the 2016 Alumni Surveys
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