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Understanding Probability

No description

Caitlin McGarry

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Understanding Probability

Welcome to France! The first stop is Paris. There are lots of things to see and yummy food to eat- have a look around...
Don't forget, if you get stuck along the way - ask your teacher! http://www.brainpop.com/math/probability/basicprobability/ First of all, you need to check out the video below.
Once you have watched the video, complete the review quiz. brainpop login: staidansqld
password: staidansqld Now that you know a bit more about probability, it's time to use your knowledge. Visit scootle to play snakes and spinners. Click on 'Student PIN access' and enter the pin below. Once you have finished, print out your report to show your teacher! In your glossary, complete the following definitions:
Sample Space
Complement Student PIN: YMGMJH http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/viewing/L8868/index.html Ready for some practice?
Complete 'simple probability' on mathletics:
http://www.mathletics.com.au You have completed this Prezi - see your teacher to find out what comes next! Select a Disc: http://prezi.com/tgtir2ehiue_/probability-stations-select-a-disc/?auth_key=df0f8e3e1e3a0027917d832600e3631d8ddf75c0 Odds and Evens: http://prezi.com/glbfswsrbjsh/probability-stations-odds-and-evens/?auth_key=545db2450fb223364c65051c14a51c847f22d5ce Double Digit Spin: http://prezi.com/fwrdrqkq1xuh/probability-stations-double-digit-spin/?auth_key=adc95f29852fc58ca36ec83fb4aaf36645166fe8 Matchbox Flip: http://prezi.com/x2ypiao93i-u/probability-stations-match-box-flip/?auth_key=995bc44c3a91484810a32f33725820e2eeb6c5da Disc Draw: http://prezi.com/0xsrjphi-kcj/probability-stations-disc-draw/?auth_key=9a2c6b3261ecb405600929bfe3122923422ef346 Double Dice Roll: http://prezi.com/dmqyjofbfhun/probability-stations-double-dice-roll/?auth_key=9a2e969374bb6ff6b1d38c2c4853091647dad204 Ask your teacher for the necessary equipment.....
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