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Bullying...where to from here

No description

Rhys Vance

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of Bullying...where to from here

Bullying: overview
What can we do?
What are the impacts of bullying?
Bullying...where to from here?
Quickly, Brainstorm
Why do some people bully others??
If you are being bullied, you can:

Be assertive, tell the bully that you don't like what they are doing and to stop. Say it loudly and look at them.
Remind yourself that you are okay and that the bully is doing the wrong thing, not you
Ask your friends to be supportive of you
Try to be with friends so you are not alone
Try to leave valuable items at home
Find another way to go to school, if you are being bullied on the way to and from school
Use humour to distract the bully
Ask an adult for help (a teacher or parent)
Don't get involved in hitting back, which will make things worse for you
Keep asking for help until the problem stops.
If you are a bystander, you can:

Refuse to watch bullying; let the bully know that you are not interested in it
Tell the bully that what they are doing is not okay
Report incidents of bullying to adults who can help
Assist the person being bullied to seek help
Distract the bully's attention
Offer friendship to the person who is being bullied.
Bullies need to know that:

It is not okay to bully
Their behaviours are harming other people
There are other ways to work out differences that do not involve harming people
Seeking help to develop positive strategies to relate to others will help them to develop meaningful relationships.
What does bullying look like?
Homophobic Bullying
Homophobic bullying is based on discrimination against people who are, or who are thought to be, same-sex attracted. Homophobia is the fear, dislike or hatred of people who are homosexual (same-sex attracted).
You are not born homophobic, just as you are not born racist. These are learned behaviours that are based on ignorance and prejudice.
What happened?
What message can we take out of this?
How did it stop?
What were the bullies doing?
Who completed it?
Who explored the website?
One community approach...
Do you think it is effective?
What can we all do?
Young people who are bullied are affected in
many ways. The emotional impact of bullying can be
devastating. It can influence a person's physical health
if they feel stressed and unwell. No-one likes to be put down, threatened or abused. As a result of bullying, young people:
Are often scared
Can feel isolated and alone
Can feel worthless and have low self-esteem
Can avoid going to school
Feel anxious and worried
Can become depressed.
What can we do?
In small groups you are to create an anti bullying campaign that targets a specific form of bullying.
Develop a slogan
How will it be promoted?
What will it look like?
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