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Online Job Posting Calls

No description

Bill Behn

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Online Job Posting Calls

Online Job Posting Calls
We are an ERP Specific Staffing Company

Our focus is systems-specific contract staffing. We work on
temp and temp-to-perm positions
and your offering are fully-vetted accountants available to start immediately.

For sure, direct hires will happen through the normal course of business, but it doesn't change who we are or our value proposition to the market and your clients.
When companies post positions on-line, they are looking for direct hire candidates.
If you go up against traditional Headhunting firms you WILL lose
Five Reasons NOT to take Direct Hire job orders as your first client interaction
It's not what we do!
Be proud of what you do and stick to it. Chasing every order is a sign of weakness and desperation.

And since you can't beat the Headhunters, you will mismanage a new client's expectations and be seen as ineffective

You are putting yourself and your company on every one else's playing field...
And you lose the chance to create your own narrative.
Your Recruiter has to drop everything and take all his or her time to find a needle in a haystack, drying up the pipeline for temp candidates.
You increase your risk and liability.
Companies hate paying direct hire fees.

Why not be their Value-Added
solutions providor?
So Do We Say
on this Call?
It's an opportunity to introduce yourself and your methodology and create the Systems-Specific Context.
Discuss Alternatives
Additional Alternatives
What If They Only Want to Do Direct Hire?
Finish with a BANG!
Creating Your own Narrative
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