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Abby Pedersen

on 4 March 2010

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Transcript of Australia

Australia Appointment Alert!! -Schedule appts.1 month in advance
-Don't schedule on a holiday Business Dress -Men
-black or navy suit
-white shirt
-skirt or trouser suit
-white blouse Conversation -They use slang
-BYO-Bring your own drink
-Cuppa-a cup of tea or coffee Addressing -Address them by...
-Mrs. Gift Giving -Pay the Bill
-Invitations Deal or No Deal -great deal is usually made by wealthy people Entertaining -Host your own dinner party
-Kangaroo meat is very delicate Public Behavior? -say hi to business partner
-G'day mate
-Don't break eye contact
-No backslapping, yelling or calling attention Government -Federal parliamentary democracy
- Includes religious tolerance and freedom of speech
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