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Pancakes, Pancakes!

Book Sharing Project!

Courtney Snyder

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Pancakes, Pancakes!

By Eric Carle Pancakes, Pancakes! Characters Jack Jack's Mother Jack Wakes up and decides it
is a perfect day for a PANCAKE! He runs downstairs
hoping his mom will
make him a big pancake
but... He must first, cut wheat and
take it to the
miller from the
chicken coop, and that's just the
beginning... BUT! His Mother is too busy! the butter, churn get an egg ALL that work
for an old-fashioned
PANCAKE?!! You wouldn't want
to miss this great
piece of work! Eric Carle's art is distinctive and instantly recognizable. Collage Technique Tissue paper he cuts and layers to form
bright and colorful images. Using Pancakes, Pancakes
in the classroom! Good to use when teaching
students measurements in math! Teachers can read the class
the story and then have an
activity where they make
pancakes as a treat. When making homemade pancakes... they can measure out
the ingredients! Some other books
to consider are... If you give a pig a pancake.
By Lauren Numerof Perfect Pancakes if You Please.
William Wise Audience: for my book
sharing project Teachers Students Courtney Snyder
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