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The Hero's Journey

No description

Tiffany Hallin

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey

In the Call, Heroes are given a task that only they can complete
Their decision to accept or deny
Heroes who refuse quest often become in need of rescuing themselves or the villian in another hero's quest The Call to Adventure Accepting the Call Tests an the Supreme Ordeal Reward and the Journey Home The Ordinary World Heroes must adapt to
new rules
supernatural creatures
breathtaking sights
constant threat of death Heroes progress through a series of tests or obstacles that make them stronger for the final showdown... Typically, heroes get something for passing the Supreme Ordeal, such as a kingdom or the hand of a beautiful maiden
Once received, hero begins journey home, on which he or she faces obstacles, though lesser than the journey there The Hero's Journey Embarking on a Quest of Epic Proportions Called away from ordinary world
Most show reluctance to go, but eventually accept fate
Discovery, event, or some danger to original world starts the hero on the journey
New world vastly different from old Refusal of the Quest Entering the Unknown ...which is the Supreme Ordeal, or ultimate battle to restore order and defeat evil. Heroes exist in a world considered ordinary/uneventful by those who live there
Hero = odd-man out due to special ability or characteristic Once the Call is accepted, heroes embark on their quests Supernatural Aid Started on journey by a character who has mastered laws of unknown world and has returned to bestow wisdom on hero
Gives means to complete quest: sometimes object, sometimes just knowledge/wisdom
Gives the hero what he or she needs to complete quest, but doesn't finish it for the hero Talisman Special, often magical item that assists hero in quest Master of Two Worlds/
Restoring the World to Order success is life-changing
changed or preserved original world
hero has grown in spirit and strength
proved self worthy of marriage and/or kingship
mastery of outside world qualifies hero to be a giant in his or her own Allies/ Helpers Hero Support: Heroes need companions/ sidekicks or they would fail miserably Archetypes
in the
Hero's Journey Heroes Shadows Mentors Herald Threshold Guardians Shapeshifters Tricksters Allies Woman as Temptress central figure; hero of his or her own myth villains, enemies, the enemy within hero's guide or guiding principles person or event that brings Call to Adventure forces that stand in the way at important turning points creatures like vampires or werewolves that change shape clowns and mischief-makers help hero through quest femme fatale; woman who offers danger to hero on quest
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